7th Pay Commission Set to Make Chandigarh (The City of Retired) Even More Rich

Chandigarh is one such city in India which has the highest per capita income. As the Government employees across the country are celebrating the announcement of 7th Pay Commission, this beautiful city in North India is set to become even more rich.

With over 24% hike in salaries and pension, the 7th pay commission has brough cheers in Chandigarh. The city was founded just after India got its independence and thus houses a lot of elite people from the army. Apart from that, the city has numerous people who lived their jawani in Chandigarh are now enjoying their retired life in Chandigarh.

Chandigarh – The city for Retired

Chandigarh is called by different names – the city beautiful, the city of youngsters, the smart city, the perfect city, most livable city and lots more. It is a fact that Chandigarh is treated as the best city to enjoy your retirement. Excellent medical facilities, senior citizen facilities and friendly government make it one of the most sought after cities for older people who take pension. If we had to talk about population demographics then according to the census data, only 21.1% people in the city belong to the age group of 15-24. While majority of population is between the age group of 25 to 59 years, a large chunk constitutes the older people above 60 years.

The best way to see elderly people in Chandigarh is to go for a morning or evening walk. Go to any park, garden or Sukhna Lake. One can easily spot retired people enjoying their lives.

Chandigarh comes under Central Government

The fact that Chandigarh is a UT makes it clear that a lot of people live here who work for the central government. 7th Pay commission has been announced by the central government and the UT employees will be the first one to get raised salaries and pensions. All government offices in Chandigarh come under the government of India.

Although Chandigarh already leads the nation in highest per capita income, we believe that this 7th pay commission will again give Chandigarh a strong lead.

Be proud to be living in Chandigarh!

Image Credits: Humans of Chandigarh

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