15 Accident Prone Areas in Chandigarh (As Per Year 2016-17)

Chandigarh roads were designed to provide fast movement for vehicular traffic whilst providing safe mobility to children and pedestrians within and between the sectors. However, having one of the best roads in India, Chandigarh has also got a number of accident-prone areas. We all know that Chandigarh is known for its wide roads with smartly planned roundabouts to ensure smooth connectivity as well as free flow of traffic in and around Chandigarh but the city also sees a lot of accidents every year.

Chandigarh has witnessed 83 deaths and several cases of fatal accidents in the last 3 years. As many as 15 accident-prone spots have been announced in Chandigarh taking into consideration the number of accidents. These accident prone areas in Chandigarh have taken more lives than anybody else.

Accident Prone Areas in Chandigarh

  • Kalagram Light Point
  • Poultry Farm Chowk
  • Sector 45/46/49/50 Light Point
  • Airport Light Point
  • Hallo Majra Light Point
  • Sector 46/47/48/49 Light Point
  • Housing Board Light Point
  • Transport Light Point
  • Shastri Nagar Light Point
  • Railway Light Point
  • Tribune Chowk
  • Kalibari Light Point
  • Sector 38/40 Light Point
  • Sector 25/38 Light Point
  • Sector 44/45/50/51 Light Point

What Makes these points fatal:

According to recent study conducted by the Chandigarh traffic police, it was found that over-speeding caused most of the accidents, followed by drunken driving. Human negligence is also a major reason for accidents on these fatal points in Chandigarh that have been named as Chandigarh’s accident prone areas. Traffic police often blames it on lapses on part of road engineering like overly congested roads, absence of slip roads and traffic signals for accidents.

No. of Accidents recorded in 2016

  • Kalagram Light Point = 10
  • Poultry Farm Chowk = 10
  • Sector 45/46/49/50 Light Point = 8
  • Airport Light Point = 7
  • Hallo Majra Light Point = 6
  • Sector 46/47/48/49 Light Point = 6
  • Housing Board Light Point = 6

All these accidents were fatal ones. The growing population and the increasing number of vehicles on Chandigarh roads are two factors that can be a cause of accidents. However, driving with responsibility and always obeying traffic rules will certainly bring these numbers down.

It is a request to all residents to be extra cautious on the above-mentioned accident prone areas in Chandigarh. Life is precious. Drive safe!

Source: The Tribune, Image: Nitin Mittal.


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