Apni Mandi in Chandigarh will now be held Twice a Week

Apni Mandi in Chandigarh which was being held once a week at various locations in the city will now be held 2 days in a week. This comes as a good news to those people who had to carry heavy loads of fruits & vegetables in their hands or on their shoulders. Earlier, people had to buy entire week’s vegetables in one go but with this new initiative, residents will be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables twice a week from their nearby Apni Mandi.

What is Apni Mandi

Apni Mandi is a subzi mandi (vegetable market) which is organized by Mandi Board (the board which controls everything). Food producers, Farmers or Hawkers who sell fruits and vegetables are given a venue where they can set up their small stall to sell fruits and vegetables. These locations are generally big open spaces like grounds, within the city so that residents can have access to fresh fruits and vegetables.

The concept was brought in india from abroad where such type of flea markets are quite common. Chandigarh adopted the concept quite early and has various locations in diferent parts of the city where these Apni Mandis’ are being held.

New Apni Mandi in Chandigarh: Locations & Schedule

Earlier all Apni Mandis’ in Chandigarh were organized by Punjab Mandi Board. Now, Chandigarh Market committee has also decided to organize¬†an Apni Mandi at various new locations in Chandigarh for city residents making it possible for people to buy fruits and vegetables twice a week from their nearby Apni Mandi location.

The new Apni Mandis’ (By Chandigarh Market Committee) have been proposed as follow:

Sector 34-B (Mela Ground) = Thrusday.

Sector 39 West (Grain market) = Tuesday.

Sector 40-A (road seperating sector 39 & 40) = Saturday.

Sector 43 (Open ground in front of government houses) = Monday.

Sector 46 (near park area) = Wednesday.

Sector 45-D (near petrol pump) = Friday.

Ram Darbar (Hallo Majra) = Sunday.

All Chandigarh based Apni Mandi see huge footfall. People eagerly wait for that day of the week when an Apni Mandi would be held near their sector. Now, with Punjab Mandi Board Apni mandi and Chandigarh Market Committee Apni Mandi, people will be able to buy fresh fruits and vegetables twice a month.

All existing Apni Mandi will be held as per their previous schedule.

Image Credits: The Tribune


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