Has bird flu scare affected chicken sales in Chandigarh?

If you go by newspapers, then the answer to the question – Has bird flu affected the chicken sale in Chandigarh is No. But in reality the answer to this question is YES!

Why newspapers mentioned that chicken sale has not been affected?

Newspapers have to provide citations from various sources to publish a news. News reporters went to chicken market, some restaurants across the city as well as some local chicken shops to gather information. Now, if you ask a chicken shop owner that how is the business going then it is obvious that no one is going to say that bird flu has affected my business. That is what newspapers have published. Here is a link to one such news story:

Despite advisory, chicken items still in demand in city.

The reality among youngsters of the city:

Facebook is full of posts about the ducks and Sukhna lake. People are discussing the event as it is a big news in Chandigarh. People are aware that they have to be cautious. Non-veg sale has not stopped but it has surely declined. I heard a group of office people saying “We’ll go for Veg. Aur pata lage ki humein bhi bird flu ho geya”. They wanted to have a small party on Friday evening. after office hours.

In another incident, I went through comments on someone’s post where a guy said that “Mom ne toh mera non-veg hi band kar diya”.

What the administration says:

Chandigarh administration has told residents not to panic. They have given an advisory to be cautious while purchasing and eating chicken. The govt. can not ban the sale of chicken till a samples collected from some poultry farm tests positive for bird flu virus. Blood samples have already been taken from poultry farms in Cahndigarh and are being sent to advanced labs in Jalandhar and Bhopal for tests.

What the doctors say:

Doctors and experts have said that Chandigarhians should avoid eating half-baked chicken and eggs. The food should be cooked above 70 degrees to disinfect the virus (if any). Roasted chicken (tandoori chicken) should be avoided at all costs at least for a few days.

Remember, Precaution is better than cure.

Image Source: Chandigarh Tribune


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