Bird Flu at Sukhna Lake costs CITCO a loss of 1 crore

Sukhna lake at Chandigarh which was closed temporarily after the confirmation of Bird Flu has costed CITCO a loss of more than Rs. 1 crore. The lake was closed on 18th December 2014 for a period of 1 month and the decision to open the lake has not yet been taken.

CITCO (Chandigarh Industrial and Tourism Development Corporation) who owns 8 shops, a refreshment counter, a restaurant, a pub and bar along with boating and other amusement rides at Sukhna Lake is suffering huge losses on a daily basis due to closure of lake premises.

The loss calculations:

Sukhna Lake wears a deserted look due to imposed ban amid Bird Flu

According to an official and Indian Express newspaper reports, CITCO is incurring a loss of more than 3 lakh on a daily basis. There is no sale at the restaurant, pub, bar and the refreshment counter. Boating activity also accounts for a good revenue per day. Moreover the shopkeepers who pay monthly rent to CITCO for the 8 shops at Sukhna Lake are asking for a waiver of 2 month’s rent. CITCO earns Rs. 15 Lakh per month as rent from these shops. The ticket sale from other amusement rides is also added to the total revenue.

Calculating a loss of 3 lakh daily for a period of 1 month accounts for Rs. 90 Lakh. But in the “Christmas – New Year” festival season, tourists used to throng Sukhna Lake. These days accounted for more sales but this time, CITCO has been left helpless.

When will Sukhna Lake open?

Entire Sukhna Lake has been sanitised with lime powder and chemicals

Although all samples of other birds as well as water sample at Sukhna lake has been tested negetive for the Bird Flu virus, Chandigarh Administration has not yet announced the opening of Sukhna Lake. Section 144 was imposed on Lake premises and surrounding areas on 18th December 2014 for a period of 1 month. This means that if no further action is taken then Sukhna Lake might be thrown open to public on 18th January.

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