Chandigarh gets a New Cafe in Sector 9 & Here Are 7 Reasons For You to Visit It

A perfect party or hangout venue needs to be blended with good music, nice lighting and out of the world ambience. And the city of party lovers, Chandigarh always need something extra as an icing on the cake. BoomBox cafe is here to make Chandigarh people go crazy. Located in Sector 9, BoomBox cafe is ready to make you feel special and offer some excellent food with drinks.

About This New Cafe:

BoomBox Cafe is a place where one can relax and chillax with friends, family or someone special in a perfect ambience. Located in one of the happening place in the city beautiful Chandigarh, BoomBox Cafe serves its customers with great food along with live music. BoomBox offers a refreshing break from those monotonous restaurants that bore the hell out of fun seeking people.

Details of BoomBox Cafe

Boom Box Cafe, Chandigarh

Address: BoomBox Cafe, SCO 34- 37, Sector 9 D, Chandigarh

Contact: 0172-6670908, 988276555


7 Reasons to visit BoomBox Cafe in Chandigarh

Here we give you 7 awesome reasons to visit the most happening and cosiest place of the city beautiful Chandigarh:

  • Delicious food (hmmm its yummm)

Starting from the foodie of the city, Boombox cafe serves all types of delicious food. Ranging from continental to Indian and Italian to Oriental, all they cook will relish your taste buds till the end bite.

  • Amazing interiors (seriously Attt..)

The Boombox cafe is designed and decorated with amazing interiors that will surely take you into another world. They have used unique and funkiest lights and decorative items to attract people. DO look out for something related to Paris at Boombox cafe in Chandigarh.

  • Feel of Paris (Be International)

The cafe has been decorated with the theme of Paris. It will give you the feel of ‘An evening in Paris’. The beautiful international decoration will offer a great romantic eve for those who come up with their loved ones. So what are you waiting for, spend your eve with Paris feel in Chandigarh.

  • Live band and DJ (Nachna tapna)

Taking into consideration the love for music in Chandigarh, Boombox cafe has set up a great place where one can enjoy the mesmerizing music. Boombox Cafe Chandigarh will offer the most craziest music in house, that will surely make you tap your feet.

  • Selfie Point (oye facebook post layi insta pic)

Another reason to be in beautiful Boombox cafe is its selfie point. Since everyone loves to click selfies, they have a special selfie point where one can take a selfie and post it online to make your friends jealous. The selfie point is decorated with all the funky things needed in the selfie, that will make one go ‘awwww’.

  • Biggest floor area (khul k nacho)

Like the ‘bade dil wale log’ of Chandigarh, Boombox offers the biggest floor area to dance and enjoy the night or some occasion. As lively city like to enjoy life to the fullest and no party ends without bhangra. So, now Chandigarh has a bigggg area to dance.

  • Private seating area (Some personal time)

If you want to spend a quality time with your near or dear one in Chandigarh, Boombox cafe in Sector 9 is the place to be. It has private seating area with dim lights and red sofas that will give you the romantic feel. Great ambiance and soothing music are surely an add-on.

BoomBox also offers some exciting drinks in the cafe. The place have a perfect blend of great ambiance with delicious food and awesome music. Chandigarhians now have one more place to hangout with friends and family.

So if you are searching for a perfect party venue for enjoyment or a place to hangout with friends then BoomBox Cafe at Sector 9 of Chandigarh will be one such stop for you.


Gurjit Kaur

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