Boy Nearly Beaten to Death at Zirakpur Mall | Shocking Video – Onlookers Just Kept Filming

A boy was nearly beaten to death in a mall in Zirakpur. The video of the youth being beaten by a group of 6-7 people has gone viral on the social platform and has received empathy for the boy who was left unconscious on the floor. The video that has been uploaded to Facebook by one of the visitors to the mall, has been viewed over 1 lakh people with more than 200 shares in just few hours.

Youth brutally beaten at Global Mall, Zirakpur

As per the Facebook post, the incident happened at the Global Mall Zirakpur located on the Chandigarh-Delhi national highway opposite Metro Cash and Carry India, Zirakpur. The video shows how two youths start beating a boy inside the premises as most of the people keep looking at the brawl. It appears as some fight sequence is going on and onlookers are the mute audience inside the Mall. Such a shame!!

The two are then joined by two more who start thrashing the boy in front of the whole crowd. Did we lose humanity? More than 20-25 people appear to be standing outside one of the outlets in the mall but no one barges into the brawl. The basic nature of most of the Indians, “Why do I get into the mess, as long as it doesn’t affect me!!”

Within few minutes a girl in white shirt is seen rushing towards the group, for a moment it appears she is going to rescue the victim, but she comes rushing and joins the brigade bashing the boy.

Beaten with stainless steel barricading rod

Soon after the white girl rests a slap on the boys head, two more join the beating brigade and both these men appear to be joining in the thrashing party with an aim to kill the victim. While one is seen kicking and thrashing the boy, the other one is clearly seen hitting him with the stainless steel barricading rod that he picked from outiside the store. It has been mentioned in the post that the incident happened outside Junkyard Lounge at the Global Mall Zirakpura.

No one came forward to help the youth who was being beaten by more than 7-8 people. It points out to some evident questions, “Do we live in a jungle, and can such people be considered as the humans?” Time to ponder upon, even if the boy was at fault, this is no way to deal with the situation. Though the real reason behind the scuffle, as well as the condition of the victim has not been reported so far,  but it appears that the victim might have received serious injuries as one of the youth is seen hitting his shoe on the victim’s face towards the end of the video.


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