Cabs in Chandigarh: Complete Fare comparison guide

Radio cabs in Chandigarh have seen a steep increase in the recent years. So many new companies have comes to Chandigarh that you can easily spot a number of radio cabs moving on the roads of Chandigarh. Well, it is a good sign for our city as Chandigarh is now being considered as a metro city. To help you out choose the best and affordable cab service in Chandigarh we have listed the top 5 cab service operators along with their fares.

We have reviewed these cabs on the basis of availability, booking ease and off course  the fare.

1. OLA Cabs

OLA cabs at Chandigarh

OLA cabs entered Chandigarh in 2014 and the company has emerged as the number 1 cab service provider in Chandigarh within a few months. Their massive advertisement campaign and inaugural offers have been a sure shot success.

OLA Cabs Chandigarh Number:


Ola Cabs fare in Chandigarh:

Sedan Car – Rs. 99 for first 5 Kms and Rs. 14 per km after that.

Mini Car – Rs. 49 for first 3 Kms and Rs. 10 per km after that.

Waiting charges = First 10 minutes of waiting time is free and Rs. 2 per minute after that.

No extra night charges.

2. Meru Cabs

Meru cabs ranks at number 2 in our survey to find best cabs in Chandigarh.

Meru Cabs Chandigarh Number = 0172-44224422

Meru Cabs fare in Chandigarh:

Day time (5 AM to 11 PM) = Rs. 150 for first 6 kms and Rs. 10 after that.

Night time (11 PM to 5 AM) = Rs. 187.50 for first 6 kms and Rs. 12.50 after that.

Waiting charges = Rs. 2 per minute.

Uber cabs at Chandigarh

3. Uber Cabs

Uber Cabs Chandigarh Number:

Book Online

Uber Cabs fare in Chandigarh:

Starting Fare = Rs. 40 with a minimum fare of Rs. 80.

Normal Fare = Rs. 12 per Km / Rs. 1 per minute.

4. Mega Cabs

Mega Cabs Cahndigarh Number = 0172-4141414

Mega Cabs fare in Chandigarh:

Day Time = Rs. 23 per Km.

Night Time = 25% extra.

Waiting charges = Rs. 100 per hour.

5. Fab Cabs

Fab Cabs Chandigarh Number = 0172-4242424.

Fab Cabs fare in Chandigarh:

Fab cabs is a local Chandigarh based company. No clear fare has been mentioned by them.

The fare listed over here has been confirmed by the respective cab operators. But we still recommend Chandigarh citizens to ask the fare over the phone while booking their cab.


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