Chandigarh | A Young 16-Years Old Girl of Class 11 Commits Suicide

Recently, a 16-year-old girl hailing from Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir committed suicide in Chandigarh. The departed, named Tsering Amngmu breathed her last on March 19 and hung herself from the ceiling fan. The girl was putting up at her friend’s home in Adarsh Nagar, Nayagaon. She was a student of class 11 at New Public School of Chandigarh’s sector 18 and was alone at home when such a mishappening took place. 

How girl committed suicide & the reason behind it

According to the reports, Tsering Amngmu (16) took her life by hanging herself by hanging herself from the ceiling fan of her room. She took such an extreme step when her friend had left for college in the morning. It was when the victim’s friend returned from college in the evening, Amngmu did not come out of her room. Out of curiosity, the deceased’s friend went to her room to know here whereabouts. In spite of the persistent knocking on the door, the victim did not open the door. She then raised an alarm and when others broke into the room, the victim was found suspended to the ceiling fan from her neck.

The deceased has left behind a suicide note stating that she is willingly committing suicide as she is facing troubles in her life and no one is to be blamed for her death. The Chandigarh police were informed about the incident and body of the deceased was moved down only when they arrived at the spot.

No case registered so far, interrogation is still on

However, the body of the victim is in the hospital and its autopsy reports are yet to come. The parents of the victim have been informed. The girl’s father is working in the Indo- Tibetan Border Police with posting in the Leh region of Jammu and Kashmir while her mother is working in a government-owned hospital.

As per the Chandigarh Police, no case has been registered so far but the force is interrogating people who were close to the teenaged victim so that they could get any lead in this suicide case.

This is not the first time when a teenager ended up her life by hanging herself fro,m the ceiling fan. Last year also the death toll rosed so high due to the suicide of the depressed and mentally disturbed teenagers. The UT administration along with the Chandigarh Health Department had initiated a drive to counsel such disturbed kids, teenagers, and adults who are vulnerable of committing suicide but it seems that many cannot open up themselves to discuss their matter with professionals and are falling prey to the hands of evil practices. It is important to talk out your worries and overcome your depression by discussing it with your parents and friends as they are the only ones who can actually prevent you from taking such an extreme step in life.


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