Chandigarh: 163 Cases Registered of Assaults On The Police in Last 5 Years

Chandigarh Police registered a total of 163 assaults cases on them in the last 5 years. We care for you- Chandigarh Police has always been on high alert for the people of the city. But in the last few years, the assault cases on them has increased unbelievably. Be it trashing them or making efforts of kidnapping, Chandigarh Police has gone through all on the roads.

Chandigarh is said to be one of the safest city in India and that too because of its Police control. Now when the Police are on target, then how can you feel yourself to be safe? Check out the details of Police assaults in Chandigarh below.

Chandigarh: Police Registered 163 cases of Assaults on them in 5 years

As per recent reports, MOB (Modus Operandi Branch) of Chandigarh Police has compiled data of last 5 years i.e 2014 to 2015 and it shows a total of 163 assaults on the Police itself. Out of the total 163 assaults, 55 attacks were only on the traffic police in different nakas in the city. That means most of the attacks were held on the Chandigarh traffic police itself.

Whereas out of the total recorded cases of police assaults in the last 5 years, In 32 and 48 cases accused were acquitted and convicted respectively in regards with the case. Further 65 cases of the same are under trial, whereas in the 8 incidents, Police have not submitted the charge sheet yet in the court. In the rest 5 cases, Investigation team failed to file any headway.

What’s the matter Chandigarhians?

In a recent case, 2 brothers were acquitted of assaulting or kidnapping a head constable of Chandigarh Police. Whereas in the last 3 months, 3 different incidents of attack on the Police has been registered. One Traffic Police was dragged by a car in Sector 44- 45 light point by a resident of Dhanas. Whereas a constable was assaulted in Sector 28 motor market by Himachal resident. Even one tried to hit and obstruct a Traffic Police constable in Sector 45 checkpoint.

Whereas the maximum number of assault cases were registered in Sector 17, 24 and 36 police station. Now let’s see how many of them have to pay for their deeds against the Police personnel in Chandigarh.


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