Chandigarh | A 17 Year Old Boy Rapes His 16 Year Old Cousin | Jailed for 20 Years

If only there wasn’t much disturbing news coming from the city of Chandigarh, another rape story is making headlines. It is at least the fifth major rape case in the city of Chandigarh in the past twenty days. The Indian media has unfortunately gotten used to a rape story in their daily bulletin every day but a few cases where the accused is a family member is disturbing on so many levels. Recently two maternal uncles of a girl were held for raping their niece who was a minor. The news that we bring to you today is pretty much on the same lines. Two cousins of a Chandigarh girl have been reportedly given jail time for raping their 16 year old sister.

What happened to the 16-year-old rape survivor of Chandigarh?

26th August 2016, Chandigarh | The 16 year old girl was a resident of Manimajra which is in close proximity to Chandigarh. She had a fight with her mother and left for her cousin’s place nearby. When the rape victim found out he wasn’t home she waited for him on the stairs of his house. The 17 year old rapist cousin along with his friend Hari Prasad who is 21 years old took the victim to a secluded place and raped her.

The two Chandigarh boys then fled the scene and the rape victim told about the incident to her mother. The mother then took the rape victim to a nearby Police Station where they lodged a complaint. The accused were found guilty of rape by a Chandigarh court and the minor 17-year-old cousin has been awarded 20 years of jail time. He is in a juvenile home as of now and will be transferred to a Chandigarh jail in Burail as soon as he turns eighteen.

The other accused Hari Prasda is in custody and facing a trial in a different trial. The seventeen-year-old boy is also fined one lakh five thousand out of which one lakh is to be given to the Chandigarh rape victim.

A Rape By Someone The Victim Is Close To Might Mentally Damage The Girl Forever.

The Chandigarh rape victim was barely sixteen years old and knew the convict brother closely. If she went to his place after an argument with her mother, chances are she trusted him completely. A crime like this coming from someone you are so close to and is a family member might tarnish the mental outlook of the rape victim forever. She will be given therapy like the other rape victim who was raped by her uncles in Chandigarh.

Source: Tribune


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