Chandigarh | 21 People Arrested For Drinking in Public

Liquor ban has created a chaos amongst the people of Chandigarh. The high court banned the sale of liquor within 500 meters of state and the national highway that resulted in sector 35 and sector 26 to wear a deserted look. 

It’s been just a month since the hotels and microbreweries have shut down and the people of Chandigarh have found places to get drunk. Chandigarh people have started making drinking scenes at public places.

Drinking At Public Places

On Wednesday, the Chandigarh police in a special checking arrested 21 people consuming alcohol at public places in Chandigarh. The police arrested Satinder Kumar, a resident of Sector 24-D Chandigarh, Narinder Pal, Rajinder Singh, Kulbir Singh, Bhupinder Sharma, Hemant Kumar- a resident of Chandigarh, and all the residents of Punjab in Sector 11 Chandigarh.

The police have also arrested Surjit Singh, a native of Uttar Pradesh. Surjit was arrested near State Bank of India’s Sector-17 Chandigarh branch. Bansa, a resident of SAS Nagar was arrested by the police near the Dhanas  Colony fish market.  

More People Arrested For Consuming Liquor At Public Places

The police have arrested some more people for consuming alcohol at public places in Chandigarh.

Davinder Kumar, a resident of Sector 27 Chandigarh was arrested by the police. He was arrested from near the Palika Bazar, Sector 19 Chandigarh. Puran Singh and Vijay Kumar, residents of Bapu Dham Colony were arrested by the police from Sector 26 Chandigarh.

The police have also arrested Dharambir, Manoj Majhi, Sonu Rajbar, Balak, all city residents from Industrial Area Chandigarh. The people arrested from Manimajra are Amit Sharma, Manish, Parminder.

Alias Kalia and Dharminder, residents of New Indira Colony, Manimajra were also arrested for consuming liquor in Indira Colony. Mukesh, a resident of Attawa Village, Sector 42 Chandigarh was also arrested for drinking at a public place near the fish market in Sector 43 Chandigarh.

The police have registered a case against the accused under the Excise Act. Later, the arrested people were bailed out. The police registered around 40 cases in the city since Supreme Court gave its verdict on the liquor ban within 500 metres of state and national highways.

Source: Hindustan Times


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