Chandigarh | A 5 Crore Device Will Help Monitor Pollution Levels in City Beautiful

Good news for Chandigarhians as UT administration installs a new monitoring device to record pollution levels in the city beautiful.

Chandigarh has made it to the top 100 cities chosen by Central administration wherein pollution levels can be controlled. Authorities conducted a recent survey which revealed alarming statistics. On the basis of NO2 levels and PM levels calculation, the authorities are planning to tame the pollution levels of the Chandigarh city.

Chandigarh boasts beautifully about its greenery bagging it the tag of ‘city beautiful.’ The recent increase in the pollution levels of Chandigarh is a worrisome matter for UT administration apparently has no action plan to curb the issue.

Chandigarh Administration To Employ Pollution Monitoring Device in City | Know More 

Keeping in mind about the bad health of the air quality of the region, UT administration held a meeting. Environment Director of Chandigarh Administration conducted a meeting in Delhi. He cited the issue of non-availability of data with the authorities.  Chandigarh administration aims to collect relevant data based on which the plan would be devised.

IIT-Kanpur has arranged for pollution monitoring devices for Rs. 5 crore. One such pollution monitoring device shall be installed in Chandigarh city.  The same pollution monitoring device shall generate data for authorities. Chandigarh administration plans to formulate a plan of action post data collection.

This would prove to be quite efficient in mitigating the pollution problems faced by the residents of the city beautiful Chandigarh .

Here’s How This Device Worth 5-Crore Would Save Chandigarh city From Alarming Pollution Levels

As far as the working of this newly introduced pollution device in Chandigarh is concerned. It would quantify the proportions of pollution levels of the city. This would enable the department to develop a strategic plan. This would counter and mitigate the effect of the rising pollution levels of the city Chandigarh.

Chandigarh administration has identified top culprits causing alarming rise in the pollution levels. These include, crop harvesting, pollen and temperature effects, industrial belt and vehicular pollution.

Till now, Chandigarh administration only measured Air Quality Indices which reflect poor air quality of last year. The authorities had employed a device to carry out real-time monitoring. This was done at a Government college in Sector-50, Chandigarh. The dropping air quality and increase in particulate matter beyond permissible allowable limits are a cause of concern for the residents of Chandigarh.

Chandigarh administration has always been quite swift and dynamic in its action. When it comes on to the reputation of the city, Chandigarh residents and authorities leave no stone unturned to save the city from the wrath of nature.

All we hope and pray is, the investment on pollution monitoring device in the Chandigarh region proves to be a fruitful affair.

Source : TOI


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