Chandigarh-Delhi Tejas Express Will Make You Forget Shatabdi | 19 Coaches Ready to Run at High Speed

The section rake of the Tejas Express which shall be running in between the Chandigarh-Delhi section is all set to begin with its journey. The rake which is a total of 19 coaches is all set to function in between the Chandigarh-Delhi section. The first rake of the Tejas Express begun its operation in the month of June 2017 which currently is well working in the Mumbai-Goa section.

The second rake of the Tejas Express which is all set to begin its journey is known to likely achieve a speed of 160 kmph. Here are all the additions and the exclusive features of the second rake of the Tejas Express which is likely to be functional shortly.

Chandigarh-Delhi Travel Time To Be Cut Short By 30 Minutes

The Rail Coach Factory (RCF) is likely to be rolling two more rakes adding to the existing ones by the month of July 2018. Also, the second rake is an inclusion of exclusive features which definitely will lead to a happy and a comfortable ride. The advance coaches which are a past of the second rake of the Tejas Express are capable to run at a speed of 200 km per hour but owing to the constraints related to the track, the speed of the section would be not more than 160 kmph. This would be between Chandigarh and Delhi.

The Shatabdi Express takes about 3.5 hours to complete the journey in between New Delhi and Chandigarh and is preferred for travelling. The Chandigarh-Delhi section of the Tejas Express is known to cut down the travel time by a time duration of 30 minutes.

RCF Adds New Features In Tejas Express Second Rake

Brand new features in the Chandigarh-Delhi section of the Tejas Express have been added which include the remote-controlled Venetian windows as well as the sensor-based automatic doors. Also, the provision of the vacuum toilets is available so as to save water which is an element of the airplanes.

The luxury chair cars along with the LED screens as well as the personalised system for infotainment add to the features. Taps and soap dispensers for the touch-less sanitary wares are included too. The passengers will definitely have a comfortable ride with such amazing features.


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