Chandigarh Govt Schools To Turn Parking Areas To Control Traffic During Diwali

With the intention to put control over heavy rush during the upcoming festival period, Mr. Shashank Anand, the senior superintendent of police (SSP) traffic, has taken special steps. Mr. Anand has given relief to the public by assigning parking zone in 24 administrative schools, two open spaces and a college for the public to make use of. The new parking service will remain open daily and the timings for the same start from 3pm till 10pm. The new service will be accessible until Diwali, which falls on November 7.

5 instructions to streamline traffic flow

Mr. Shashank Anand wrote to the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal (CBM) in order to put control over traffic. Some of the hectic market zones like in Sectors 20, 22 and Manimajra have more than one government institution. The declaration has been made after Mayor Davesh Moudgil had forwarded the orders to make community centres available for free parking in the festival period.

Mr. Shashank Anand has also forwarded five orders to put control over traffic jamming after studying the matter from 2017. As per the instructions, store keepers have been ordered to place their vehicles on the back sides. Retailers have been told not to encroach upon the parking lots and to discontinue street hawkers from doing the same thing. The shop owners have also been admonished not to park or drive their vehicles on cycle tracks.

Market associations have been advised to allot their own volunteers with the aim to cope the traffic flow in front of the shops and to place information signposts to direct the clienteles towards the community centres and government schools chosen for the parking.

Arrangements to put control over the flow of traffic

Mr. Charanjiv Singh, chairman of CBM, stated that the facilities are adequate to put control over the flow of traffic. The community centres are available each year to deal with this problem, and the government schools will also aid with the parking problem that turns out to be a major issue for 4 to 5 days before the festival of Diwali. Mr. Charanjiv added that he will meet the SSP over permitting some of the traffic police staffs to help commuters to reach these temporary parking sites.


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