This Guy from Chandigarh Seeks Modi’s Help To Marry His Girlfriend

‘Chandigarh kare aashiqui’ is Jassi Sidhu’s very famous Punjabi number and the meaning of this song is very true to its core. Most of the gabrus in Chandigarh are busy doing aashiqui in the city these days. All thanks to Bollywood that keep inspiring them.

One of such aashiqs from Chandigarh has found a new and unique way to marry his girlfriend by complaining via the centralised grievance system of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Let’s read more about it.

A Chandigarh boy seeking PM Modi’s help for his marriage

Recently, a unique case of aashiqui came into limelight, when a Chandigarh boy wrote to the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi for helping him out to marry his girlfriend. Yes, you all read it right!!!

A Chandigarh boy sought PM Modi’s help to get him his girlfriend forever as his wife. It may sound very kiddish and vague but the letter that he has been written is one of those light-hearted and petty requests that are received by the PMO from the public on daily basis. The boy requesting PM Modi for his help is an engineering student while the girl is said to have been working as a nurse. 

Reason for requesting PM

The reason behind the Chandigarh- based boy asking PM Modi to help in his marriage is that the parents of the boy and the girl are not ready for their marriage. He believes that if the PM will intervene and will send some volunteers to convince their parents, then only they both can marry each other.

More about Chandigarh people writing to PM for help

This is not the unusual request made to the Indian PM by the residents of the city. Over 400 people from Chandigarh write to the PM’s grievances cell via Chandigarh administration every month. Some requests to sort out their personal matters while others write about basic civic amenities.

In fact, a few days ago, a man from the city beautiful requested PM for installing helicopter service for the cops of city so that they can reach the crime spot well on time.
Another Chandigarhian wrote about the petty issue of somebody trespassing into his personal garden area to pluck flowers and no one is taking action against it.

We aren’t sure that such a plea will get entertained by the PMO or not but we all wish that the boy and girl could marry each other, making their love story a successful one.

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