Cheers! Chandigarh is the Happiest city of India

People of Chandigarh are all smiles as this beautiful city has been named the happiest city of India in a nation wide survey conducted by LG Electronics and IMRB.

The survey which was conducted across various cities of India was based on a lot of factors. The target age group for the survey was 18 years to 45 years and it consisted of both men and women. Some factors which were taken into consideration to calculate the happiness index of a city included:

  • Amount of time spent with family.
  • Individuals taking decisions for themselves.
  • Control over lives in regard to doing what they want.
  • Quality of relationship with friends and family.
  • Things they own which make them happy.
  • An individuals physical appearance.
  • Recognition that a person gets for his work.
  • The extent to which people are connected to their city.
  • Balance between work and life.
  • Overall financial status
  • Living conditions i.e. water, electricity, roads etc.
  • Access to new technology and products.

Chandigarh topped the list with a happiness index of 190 and no other city was nearby with such a great score. The second happiest city of India, Lucknow stood behind at a score of 157. The top 5 happy cities of India according to their happiness index score are Chandigarh, Lucknow, Delhi, Chennai, and Banglore. If you are looking to travel to India, your trip is going to be quite amazing.

Here’s a complete list of Indian cities with their happiness index score.


The news of Chandigarh being the happiest city of India has made Chandigarhians even more happier but let’s see what made Chandigarh’s happiness index go so high.

What made Chandigarh the happiest city of India?

Well, there’s no doubt that Chandigarh is a young city and is the most beautiful city of India, but according to the factors listed above, here’s an answer to what made Chandigarh rank as Number 1 in the list of most happy cities of India.

  • Chandigarh is home to rich people. Even if people do not have much money, their living standard is higher than normal people.
  • Chandigarh is a city where you often see families having lunch or dinner together at restaurants over weekends. People here work for 5 days a week and spending time with their families over the weekend.
  • Water supply and electricity supply to Chandigarh is excellent as compared to other cities. The roads are smooth and clean.
  • Chandigarh is also the cleanest city of India.
  • Young people in Chandigarh know how to carry on relationships.
  • Girls and Guys of Chandigarh are the most beautiful / handsome people of India.
  • People of Chandigarh are very well connected to the city. Thanks to Facebook pages like: Chandigarh-The city beautiful, Chandigarh – My City, My Pride!, I Love Chandigarh and more.

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