Meet The Man Behind Highway Liquor Ban in India | He’s From Chandigarh

Chandigarh | The Supreme Court gave its verdict on 31 March 2017. Everyone is curious to know about the man who filed a PIL against the shops selling liquor on and near the major highways.

Chandigarh based activist Harman Sidhu is the man who filed a PIL against shops selling liquor on and near the major highways. The main motive of filing a PIL was to stop the people from drunk driving. He did not want that serving and selling of liquor should be banned instead, he wanted strict laws to curb drunk driving.

Harman himself enjoys drinking and does not support liquor ban.

What Harman Feels After The Liquor Ban

The Supreme Court’s order came into force on April 1, 2017. Many bars, breweries, hotels and restaurants in Chandigarh have been asked not to serve and sell liquor. Sidhu said that he loves to drink and he also said that after the liquor ban he will have to go that extra mile for buying his stock.

Harman blamed the Chandigarh Administration after the liquor ban and further called them as “Goof-up”. He said that the highways are meant for long drives and are supposed to be outside the city. He said that this thing will make everybody including him suffer.

Chandigarh & Highway Liquor Ban

A lot of things have been messed up in Chandigarh in past few days including the liquor ban. The municipal corporation did not have resources to maintain the stretches so they were declared as state highways in 2006. The authorities had had de-notified the state highways and were changed to major district roads.The change was accepted by The Punjab and Haryana high court.

Many breweries, restaurants, hotels, bars have been asked not to serve and sell liquor. This is because Chandigarh is a small city and almost all the hotels and bars fall within 500m of state highways.

Sidhu is not happy with the decision and said that everyone including him will be suffering. Chandigarh administration is making things complicated. They should have imposed a strict law against the drunk driving instead of banning liquor.

This is a very illogical decision and won’t reduce drunk driving anyhow. People of Chandigarh are exasperated to the core as banning liquor is not the solution. 

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