Chandigarh MC Will Now Use Satellite Service To Collect Tax

Chandigarh’s Municipal Corporation is working towards improving the tax payment and collection system in the city. In order to streamline the property tax payment system the Chandigarh’s MC is going to introduce a mobile app in the coming future and will start an SMS alert service for atleast 23,000 commercial tax payers in relation to property taxes and last dates for paying for the same. Moreover, the city MC will start using satellite service to locate commercial and residential properties to bring them under the tax scanner.

Collecting Tax Through Satellite Imagery

Chandigarh’s Municipal Corporation department will soon start using satellite imagery to improve its property tax system and implement the property tax management information system (MIS) for urban development. The satellite imagery will be used basically for physical measurements and will be taken from the Architecture Department of Chandigarh Administration through the National Remote Sensing, Hyderabad. The satellite imagery system will provide a common database to all the government authorities of the city which will not only increase their efficiency but also provide a highly accurate base map.

Introducing A Mobile App For Tax Services

Chandigarh MC has appointed Noida-based GIS Consortium India Pvt. Limited to introduce new reformations in the tax service department of the city. Apart from introducing a satellite imagery system to track the residential and commercial property to put them under the tax bounds, the MC will also introduce a SMS services for tax alerts and a mobile app for tax payments for almost 23,000 commercial tax payers. Chandigarh MC has payed almost 1 crore to the Noida-based company to complete the reformation project in a time span of 1 year.

  • The company will fully computerize the tax department of the Chandigarh MC
  • All the info of each and every file of the taxation department will be converted into soft copies
  • The mobile app will be integrated with payment period, notice dates, penalty period and rebate period for the ease of property tax payers
  • With the help of the mobile app the MC will be able to keep track of all the properties in the city along with their tax status.

The Noida based company has yet to come to Chandigarh to do a comprehensive survey to start the assigned project. The company’s main motto is to digitized all the working of the tax department of the UT’s Municipal Corporation which will prove to be really helpful and convenient in the future.

Source: TOI

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