Chandigarh Railway Station To Be Developed As World Class & Here’s The Plan

Chandigarh is one such urban cities of India where the huge crowd of people from other states comes in search of employment, higher education and for leisure traveling every day. Hence, it is important to have frequent train services and basic amenities for the passengers at the Chandigarh railway station.

Well, here is the good news for all the people of Chandigarh and those coming here. The city’s railway station is soon getting a makeover with the world class amenities for its passengers. As per the plan, railway station will be redeveloped in two phases by the year 2019. It will be the state-of-the-art project with higher standards just like the international airport.

Work for the Ist phase

The first phase of the project will comprise of basic development work for the passengers at the station. The plan includes a five-storey building that will have a food court, a bank, cloak rooms and a VIP waiting lounge. A separate entry and exit points will be made for the passengers to avoid crowd and scuffle. A modern signaling equipment factory will be set up in the area of 10 acres providing employment. Also, the work on 10 extra railway tracks will be part of the first phase of the redevelopment project.

IInd phase will include

The development of the commercial area at the station will be part of the second phase of the project. As per the officials, there were plans of converting railway residential areas into a commercial area. Also double lane between Dappar and Chandigarh in projected to be laid in the IInd phase. The final approval on the project is yet to come by the Railway Board as various agencies were working on it.

Facilities for differently abled person

  • The railway station will become ‘divyang’ friendly soon i.e special amenities for the differently abled person.
  • The Chandigarh railway station will have a separate dropping area marked specially for the differently abled person.
  • Will set up separate parking area, wheelchair, ramps on the platforms, special bathrooms & toilets.
  • Special low- level counters for ticket booking and a helpline number for their convenience.

Other features to be added soon at Chandigarh Railway Station

  • Potable RO water by vending machine at dearth cheap price of

300 ml glass = Refill @ Re 1, With Container = Rs 2.

500 ml = Refill @ Re 3, With Container = Rs 5.

1 Litre = Refil @ Rs 5, With Container = Rs 8.

2 Litres = Refill @ Rs 8, With container = Rs 12.

5 litres = Refill @ Rs 20, With container = Rs 25.

Apart from this, other amenities include:

  • 2 elevators, 4 escalators and an additional platform No. 6
  • Semi high-speed project feasibility report under consideration.
  • Cashless transaction at parcel office

 Roadmap for the plan 

  • The Chandigarh railway station will be re-developed across the area of 500 acres.
  • A budget of Rs 175 crore is estimated for the makeover.
  • For Tejas train, the Ambala Division has sought approval from the Railway Secretary.

So, let’s hope the project kicks off as soon as possible so that the passengers can avail the world class facilities.


Yamini S. Verma

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