Chandigarh’s Rock Garden is Being Revamped & 3 New Features are Coming

The Rock Garden in Chandigarh, a legacy shaped by the famous innovator Nek Chand is going to get a facelift. It will be done by the Chandigarh Administration. As the rock garden of Chandigarh is the number 1 thing to do for tourists in Chandigarh, it needs a facelift and more amenities.

Rock Garden Chandigarh – New Plans

The Chandigarh Administration in order to make the world-famous Rock Garden much more interesting and easy to explore for the visitors coming from all around the world will be taking up the facelift project.

The projects that will be initiated to upgrade the Rock Garden include:

  • Designing and setting up new artificial waterfalls
  • An exclusive museum to display Nek Chand’s legacies
  • A Rag Doll Village displaying handmade dolls by Nek Chand

Doll Village at Rock Garden

Rock Garden’s up-gradation is also being worked upon by Nek Chand’s son Anuj Saini along with the Chandigarh Administration. Anuj Saini has been a big admirer of his father’s amazing work and to pay respect to his unfulfilled dreams, he is looking forward to designing a museum for the handmade dolls of his father in the third phase of the garden.

The museum would be named the Doll Village that will also give the visitors a brief look into the Indian village life.

Nek Chand’s Personal Collection Museum

A museum featuring the personal collection of Nek Chand will also be made that will showcase in a special section. It will have the cycle that Nek Chand used for collecting material to build the garden. It will also showcase the awards that Nek Chand won for his innovative works.

New Exit Route & Waterfall

Moreover, the administration is planning to make a new exit route for the visitors, so that they don’t have to travel through all the garden again to get out of it. As the visitors had to use the same gate for entry and exit. The plan also includes a new waterfall inside the rock garden. However the location has not been zeroed down as of now.

Since the Rock Garden being a world famous tourist place sees a lot of commotion by the tourists and locals and is wearing away with time. Thus it requires some renovation and up gradation to keep its glory intact for the coming generations.

Source: The Tribune

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