Chandigarh: Rs. 10,000 fine for littering in City Beautiful Public Places

Beautiful City- Chandigarh has a ray of hope to keep it clean. New amendments to sanitation rules have been released. Littering public places will now cost defaulters a sum of Rs. 10,000 and those who default to make this payment, will find the fine added to their water bill. The Huge penalty is imposed for residents even if they are found littering in residential areas in Chandigarh.

The Huge penalty is imposed for residents even if they are found littering in residential areas in Chandigarh. Defaulter needs to pay for removal and disposal of waste at the rates decided by MC. MC has imposed fine not as a source of revenue collection but to educate the residents of the city. The money collected will be used to deploy more staff workers.

Chandigarh: Heavy Penalty on Littering 

On way to establish Chandigarh the cleanest city of the country, Municipal Corporation has made few amendments to the sanitation rules of the city. Now the residents of Chandigarh will be imposed a heavy penalty if they are found throwing garbage in public and as well as commercial establishments. Residents will have to shell out Rs.5,000 for littering in residential areas and Rs. 10,000 for commercial establishments.

Imposing of a fine is not with aim of generating revenue but to use as a deterrent. MC has imposed such heavy penalty just to educate Chandigarh residents against public littering, throwing garbage in residential and non-residential areas. The aim is to make Chandigarh- the cleanest city of India. Now MC will not tolerate littering on streets, it is the duty of every resident to ensure proper disposal of garbage.

If one is found littering in public areas and even in residential areas the defaulter needs to pay for the removal and disposal of waste at the rates decided by the MC. The one who will be littering public places of Chandigarh will now be fined Rs. 10,000 and the ones who default to make payment will find these recovery charges added to their water bill. The amount that will be collected from this fine; will be utilised for employing additional labour and machinery to clear the garbage.

Littering Team Check in City Beautiful 

MC has started awareness camps to educate residents of Chandigarh on sanitation.  MC has deployed Inspection teams which are constituted under a sanitation inspector and a health supervisor. If anyone makes complaints, that will be checked by the team and if found true challan will be issued. Defaulter will be required to pay the fine for littering at the office of the medical officer health in Sector 17. If resident defaults on payment, the same amount will be added to the water bill.

Source: Tribune India


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