Chandigarh on Second Position For Liquor Consumption in India

Where some people of Chandigarh are worried by the news that the city beautiful may soon become dry UT in India there, on the other hand, a survey report has been released saying Chandigarh to be on the second position on liquor consumption in India just after Himachal Pradesh.

Bagging the top position in liquor consumption is nothing to be boastful of for the people of Chandigarh as we epitomise healthier and cleaner city across the world. Drinking alcohol and consuming tobacco are hazardous and can lead to fatal consequences to the consumer in the UT.

Percentage rate of liquor consumption in Chandigarh

According to the National Family Health Survey (NFHS) – 4, every 4 out the 10 men in Chandigarh consumes alcohol, which comes out to be 39.3 %. Not only this, women in Chandigarh are reported to have the highest percentage of 0.5 in liquor consumption in India. The survey was conducted for the first time in Chandigarh and includes both regular and social drinkers and regular ones.  The survey also reported 22.5 % men and 0.4 % women in Chandigarh consume tobacco.

Reasons for higher number of liquor consumers in Chandigarh

  • Every sector of Chandigarh has a liquor vend. The living standard in the city is also high which contribute to
  • The high living standard of the city people contributes to a large number of people consuming alcohol in Chandigarh.
  • Being a UT, liquor sold in Chandigarh are much cheaper in rates than the ones sold in adjoining Mohali and Panchkula

Other states in the list 

Himachal Pradesh stands out first in the survey with the recorded percentage of 39.7%, Uttarakhand third with 35.2%, Punjab fourth with 34%, Delhi has recorded 24.7% followed by Haryana reporting 24.5% people and J&K with least number of people consuming liquor at 10.5%.

Since last few surveys, Chandigarh adjoining states, Punjab and Haryana have witness decrease in the percentage of liquor consumption due to awareness initiatives were taken by the state government and a few NGOs. The UT Administration should soon do something in this regard as we Chandigarhians cannot let go our city’s image at the cost of something trivial like alcohol.


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