Chandigarh Traffic Police Goes Strict Against Bull Bars | 300 Cars Challaned

Know bull bar challan rates of Chandigarh Traffic Police.

The Chandigarh traffic police have beefed up its vigilance on all the two and four wheelers running on the road to keep an eye on the violators especially. Off lately, over 300 car drivers have been challaned on the roads of Chandigarh for installing crash guards or better known as bull bars.

Chandigarh traffic police challaned 300 cars for bull barsĀ 

Under the revised traffic rules and challan policies implemented from January 1, 2018, installing of bull bars on the car is punishable and if any four-wheelers found with the crash guard will be charged with the fine of Rs 1,000. The car owners are allowed to install the bull bar on the rear of their vehicles but the installation of the same on the front will be equivalent to the violation of the traffic rules, hence calling for a challan.

As per the Chandigarh traffic police, the citizens of the city beautiful did not know the fact that installing of bull bar on the front of their cars is an offense and calls for a challan of Rs 1000. Later to which, the Chandigarh traffic police organized awareness drives at various public places, educational institutions, government offices and other places to make people aware and educate about traffic rules and offenses.

Reason behind barring the use of bull bars

The barring bull bars installation across India was instructed by the Union Ministry of Transport and Highways in December 2017. According to the ministry, in the majority of road mishaps, bull bars play the biggest role in the collision of two vehicles. Not only the bashing to two cars, but it also turns out to be fatal for the pedestrians. These crash guards cause a lot of casualties on road every year and that is the reason why strict action should be taken against those who have installed the bull bars on their vehicle and impose them with the fine of Rs 1000 if caught for the first time. Violators caught for the second time should be penalized with Rs 2000.

More about challan drive & its side effects on dealers

The recently made challans of 300 cars in Chandigarh mainly included SUVs, mini trucks, and other heavy load vehicles. These vehicles were majorly registered in Chandigarh but the ones registered from the neighbouring states of Punjab and Haryana were also not spared from being challaned. However, the dealers of the auto spare parts and accessories, somehow do not welcome the banning of bull bars. They are worried about facing great losses in the business in the months to come.



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