Chandigarh Traffic Police collected 11.75 crore as challan in 2014

Chandigarh traffic police which is known as one of the most strict traffic police force in India has reportedly collected 11.75 crore from challans during the year 2014. This is the highest amount of revenue collected by Chandigarh traffic police in any year. The whooping revenue of 11.75 crore has come from a total of 3.03 lakh vehicles which were challaned for various traffic violations in Chandigarh at various points. A total of 3.5 lakh challans were issued by the traffic police of Chandigarh during the year 2014.

Violations for which challans were issued:

Here are the top violations for which the maximum number of challans were issued.

Jumping Red light: 67,000 challans.

On a daily basis, the traffic police of Chandigarh has issued 183 challans for jumping the red light. If the light becomes yellow or the seconds timer installed is blinking with few seconds left, it is better to stop your vehicle.

Without helmet on a 2-wheeler: 43,000 challans.

No need to explain this one. Helmet is compulsory for the person who is driving as well as for the pavilion rider. Make sure that your helmet has an ISI mark.

Over speeding: 27,000 challans.

Follow the speed limits on city roads. Speed limit boards have been installed at all roads.

Stopping on Zebra Crossing: 38,000 challans.

A girl arguing with Chandigarh Traffic Police pesonal

Even if you stop on red light, make sure the tyre of your vehicle is behind the while line marked on the road. If your vehicle stops over the zebra crossing after crossing the while line, it would be challaned.

Driving on wrong side: 27,000 challans.

Driving on wrong side also includes wrong turn, prohibited U-turn etc. Make sure to read the sign boards before turning your vehicle.

Driving without seat belt: 18,000 challans.

Seat belt is compulsory for the driver as well as the person sitting on front seat in a car.

Wrong Parking: 20,000 challans.

All vehicles parked on the road side are eligible for a wrong parking challan. Make sure you park your vehicle in the specified parking lot.

Driving with headlights on high beam: 3400 chalans.

Whenever you are in Chandigarh, do not drive with your headlights on high beam. It is a violation and can be challaned.

Black film on windows: 5600 challans.

A Car being impounded by Chandigarh Traffic Police

According to the supreme court of India, no filming is allowed on windows of a car.

Using mobile phone while driving: 4900 challans.

Using mobile phone while driving is an offence.

Drink and Drive: 4800 challans.

Chandigarh police has special devices by which it checks the alcohol percentage consumed by the driver.

Smoking while driving: 450 challans.

Smoking while driving is also an offence. Also, smoking at public places in Chandigarh is completely banned.

Apart from all these challans, a total of 15,000 vehicles were impounded by the Chandigarh traffic police for various violations.

Source: Punjabi Tribune (Chandigarh Edition) dated 4 Jan, 2015.

Official website of Traffic Police Chandigarh :


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