Chandigarh Traffic Police to Set Up 20 Nakas for New Year’s Eve

New Year Eve is a big day celebration for everyone out there. And for the party freaks of Chandigarh, this is the best time to party hard as almost every night club and hotel have New Year parties that go on till late night. Looking forward to the New Year Eve celebration and to prevent mishaps during celebrations, Chandigarh police has decided to keep a strict eye on drunken drivers. There will be 20 special nakas across the city on New Year’s Eve to catch drunk drivers. Chandigarh police will be functioning from 10 AM to 2 AM on New Year’s eve to prevent any mishappening on the Eve of New Year 2017.

Nakas in Chandigarh on New Year Eve 2017

With the tag line ‘We care for you’, Chandigarh Police always cares for the people of the city. With an aim to ensure safety of Chandigarhians and to prevent them to become the victims of road accidents caused by drunk driving, Chandigarh traffic police is laying 20 nakas on different roads of the city. The city beautiful nakas will have adequate staff to check all the vehicles. Some areas where police nakas will be laid on New Year 2017 include:

  • Sector 8
  • Sector 17
  • Sector 22
  • Sector 26
  • Sector 34
  • Sector 35
  • Prominent Restaurants
  • Outside or close to major Discotheques

Although Chandigarh police is always alert, but during festival seasons they are much more active. All the naka’s traffic police will be equipped with video cameras to ensure any misbehavior by people with them. Even at some nakas traffic marshals will also be present.

What action will be taken, if you are caught?

On the New Year Eve, if you are found drunk while driving on city roads, it will put you into great trouble. As per recent announcement, people who will be caught for drunken driving will have to surrender their driving licence for 3 months. it means that their driving licence will be suspended. This festive season, Chandigarh police

This festive season, Chandigarh police has been more active and now they are all ready to make New Year more safe for Chandigarhians. Till now 12 licenses have been suspended by the traffic police for drunken driving.

So Chandigarhians, beware of Car-o-bar on this New Year Eve as Chandigarh traffic police is on high alert to catch the violators. And if you are planning to have drinks at a party, then make sure that you don’t drive back home. best option would be to hire a cab.


Gurjit Kaur

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