Chandigarh Traffic Police Now Has a Solution to Check Speed Limit Even at Night | Here’s How it Will Work

Chandigarh | There have been an increased number of violations of drink and driving in the Chandigarh city which often leads to over speeding. The Chandigarh Traffic Police will soon get a device called Night Vision Enabled Speed Gun. The new device will be introduced to the Chandigarh Traffic Police officers which will enable them to record the speed of your vehicles even at night hours.

What advantages do the new night vision enabled speed gunsĀ have?

The old cameras used for recording the speed of a vehicle were not accurate in the night hours which therefore increased the importance of a new device which will allow the Chandigarh Traffic Police to function more accurately. The speed guns will apparently be able to learn the speed of the vehicle from as far as one kilometre.

The night vision enabled speed gun will also be able to capture the registration number from the number plate in a matter of seconds. The new night vision enabled speed guns for Chandigarh Traffic Police will also be able to work under extreme weather conditions like rain and intense fog. This adds to the functionality of the device as the northern city of Chandigarh sees some awful lot of fog in winters.

Chandigarh Traffic Police has already called a few companies for the Demo

The SSP of Chandigarh Traffic Police Shashank Anand confirmed that four major companies that manufacture the night vision enabled speed guns have been called for a demo next week. The company with the best demo will be offered the contract for the mass manufacturing of these speed guns. The three companies are from Chandigarh and Mohali itself while the fourth one is from Delhi.

The news of giving modern equipment to the Traffic Police of Chandigarh came in just after a day when the Delhi Traffic Police announced they will give 9mm pistols to their officers. The Delhi city has been under major safety concerns with the traffic police being subjected to hostility in many cases. The modern equipment for the Traffic Police of cities like Chandigarh and Delhi will enable them to function more accurately with proper tools at their service.

Source: AmarUjala


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