World Bank Gives 13 Crore To Make Chandigarh’s Public Transport System Intelligent

The Chandigarh Transport Undertaking is soon going to utilise the funds lend by the World Bank for the project to make city’s public transportation system intelligent and smart. The UT transport system will start the revamping process within the next 26 months from now and has finalised a project consultant as well to start the work as soon as possible. The World Bank nominated Chandigarh to support its modernization plan financially. The Bank has promised to lend the city’s transportation system a sum of Rs 13 crore that will be released in instalments in the next two years as per the requirements.

Chandigarh Smart Public Transport System Plan

The UTs plan to make the public transportation system of the city better or to be more appropriate “Intelligent” will take at least a 26 months to get up and working. The plan falls under the smart city project of Chandigarh that has been apparently sponsored by the World Bank. The CTU will be get overall integrated with IT enabled services which is a very smart approach in terms of taking the public transport service to a new level. The transformation project has been assigned to an Indo-Swedish company SGS Tekia and the UT transport undertaking will soon sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with it.

The Intelligent Transportation System – Features

By making the transportation system of Chandigarh intelligent its functioning will get much more streamlined and people will get benefited by this new change in a big way. Travelling through public transports will get much more easier, hassle free and convenient. The plan will completely change the face of public transportation in the city and why won’t it when its getting backed up by the World Bank and Ministry of Urban Development and Indo-Swedish team of talented workers. So let’s see of what would the Intelligent transport system will comprise of:

  • The services of the CTU will be upgraded with the IT enabled solutions
  • A primary control station will keep track of all the buses using a GPS system
  • The working of the buses will also get monitored
  • Screens displaying arrival timings of the buses will be put up at the bus stands
  • Real Time information will be flashed on the screens
  • People will get the real time info about the buses on their phones as well through a specially designed app.
  •  Bus Depots will be linked to the primary control station using LAN connections
  • Bus drivers will be given an SMS facility to inform about their leaves that will be monitored by the central system of CTU.

Source: TheTribune

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