Chandigarh Breaks the Record for Warmest Winters in 7 Years

Global warming and climate change is now being experienced in many parts of the country including City Beautiful, Chandigarh. Meteorological Department recorded maximum average temperature for the month of December as 23.5°C and the minimum as 8.9°C as compared to expected temperatures of 18.1°C and 7.4°C respectively. December of 2016 has been the warmest in Chandigarh since 2010.

This time, Chandigarh has also not seen much fog. The day temperature is well above normal and almost every day is a sunny day. If we recall winters of recent yers, Chandigarh had gone through days at a stretch without the sun. Nights are colder but as compared to previous years, the temperatures are not as low as they used to be.

Reasons for Warm Winters: 

A number of scientific studies state that changes in the seasonal timings are some of the most evident impacts of climate change. Weather Department blames little rain, shallow fog and the delay in arrival of western disturbances for a warmer December.

  • Although the climate in Chandigarh is warm and with rainfall mostly in summer but 2016 recorded no or little rain. With light rain in September, proceeding months have been dry. With no rain no and no western disturbances; Chandigarh has been the warmest in the last 7 years.
  • Increased vehicular traffic: Temperature increases as the population increases. Also, increase in the number of motor vehicles effect the temperature. According to reports, the total number of cars in Chandigarh has doubled in the last 10 years. This has a direct impact on the temperature as vehicles generate heat thus increasing the temperature.
  • Western Disturbances: No western disturbances from Mediterranean region have delayed rainfall in Chandigarh. With dry season being experienced in Chandigarh, we hope to experience thundershowers in the coming days.
  • Construction: Urbanization is a major cause for warmer winters. With new buildings coming up, waste heat generated from unregulated construction activities add to the already high temperature. With people using air-conditioners all day long, temperature is bound to increase.

Ray of Hope for Cold Winters in Chandigarh:

If you a kind of person who loves the winter season then let us inform you that the Director of Weather Department stated that Chandigarh will soon be having light rainfall. This will lead to colder days in the near future. Finally, western disturbances are all set to hit the City beautiful, we can expect cloudy skies after tomorrow. Be ready to keep your heavy woollens in stack.


Sakshi Sood

A post graduate in philosophy from Delhi University, Sakshi is a prolific writer. She is an avid reader with keen interest in traveling to places and exploring the untouched terrains. She has worked with Info Edge and taught primary school kids in Shimla. She loves to interact with people and write about their dreams, visions and idea.
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