Chandigarh’s Local Buses To Get More Punctual | A French Company To Survey The Waiting Time

Chandigarh’s local bus service is now going to be more punctual in coming days. Thanks to a French Company that is holding up a survey to check the waiting time for each bus on every route and looking forward to cut it down so that the passengers don’t have to wait up for long on the bus stops.

CTU & Agence Francaise Development

Last year the Chandigarh Administration joined hands with a French Government agency named Agence Francaise Development(AFD) and signed a Memorandum of Understanding(MoU) to get technical support in the fields of sustainable development and improving the public transport scene in our city.

Till now:

  • Our local CTU buses operate on 75 routes
  • Passenger’s minimum waiting time is 20 minutes
  • Maximum waiting time is more than an hour
  • CTU has around 400 buses that shuttle between Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali
  • Around 200 passengers travel everyday by CTU

The French experts are right now busy extracting data on the number of CTU buses operating in the city, its routes and connectivity.The experts also visited two of our busiest inter-state bus terminals of Sector 17 and Sector 43.

What The Administration Is Looking Forward To Do

The French urban transport experts have interacted with the CTU officials and have started conducting the survey on the busiest routes already. “The report¬†of the survey will come out within a month.” assured Amit Talwar director of the UT transport.

To cut down the waiting time the UT transport will stand in need of more buses. The CTU is planning to:

  • Get 50 more buses for easy local commuting of the passengers
  • For long distance about 200 buses
  • Out of 200, 160 buses will be ordinary ones and 40 will be the luxury buses
  • Luxury buses will be assigned for the important routes only.

The Chandigarh Administration has been working to bring about changes in the transport sector but to make the services much more smoother for the public it has been encountering problems. Therefore, it is getting help from the more advanced people to make the much-required changes.

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