A Cheque Bounce in Chandigarh Can Get You Jailed For 2 Years

Chandigarh: A man’s recent bounce of cheque landed him in trouble by getting him a sentence of 2 years in jail and Rs 11 lakh fine. The man recognized as Kulwant Singh has been a constant offender in the check bounce case before.

Being a habitual offender the Chandigarh District Court has shown no mercy in Kulwant Singh’s case and have warned other guys like him to stay alert as issues like these won’t be taken lightly by the government.

The Accused & His Punishment

The accused Kulwant Singh took loan of Rs 11 lakh from the father of the person named Shashikant on several occasions promising that he would eventually pay him back in six months. But the accused never turned back and after the death of Shashikant’s father the victim asked Kulwant Singh to repay his debt. When the accused didn’t show up the victim Shashikant filed a complaint against him in Chandigarh court in 2013.

The accused again asked for more time and issued cheques that were eventually dishonored due to “insufficient funds”.

The complainant’s counsel has looked into the history of Kulwant Singh’s frauds and found out that has been doing this for a long time and has four similar cases against him that pending in the district court.

The Chandigarh court has now levied a fine of Rs 11 lakh on the accused and also a compensation of Rs 11 lakh in short a total of Rs 22 lakh fine as part of the punishment under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act. Moreover, a term of 2 years in jail has also been issued.

No Mercy Against Fraud

The counsel Baljeet Singh Saini informed that usually in the case of a cheque bounce the person is sentenced to two years of imprisonment, but being a regular offender changes this and the case is taken into serious consideration by the District Court and heavy punishment is imposed so that people like Kulwant Singh can learn a lesson.

Previously, the District Court of Chandigarh punished a Burail resident Sohan Singh for similar crime. Sohan Singh was sentenced to two year of imprisonment and was directed to pay a compensation of Rs 10,00,000 to the complainant within one month.

Doing proper justice to the victim in cases like these really lifts up the amount trust of common man in the government and its servers.

Source: TOI

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