CTU slashes fares for local AC buses in Chandigarh

CTU has slashed the fares for its AC buses (red coloured ones) that ply on city roads with effect from May 2015. The new fares have come down by approx 30%. The fares of AC buses have been reduced to increase the occupancy of passengers in these buses. Earlier, the minimum fare to travel in AC bus from one spot in Chandigarh to another spot was Rs. 15. Now the fare has been reduced by Rs. 5.

New ticket fares of CTU AC buses in Chandigarh:

Up to 3 Kilometres = Rs. 10

Up to 10 Kilometres = Rs. 15

Above 10 Kilometres = Rs. 20.

This way, the maximum fare to travel in an AC bus in Chandigarh will be Rs. 20. Earlier, this was Rs. 25.

New Daily & Monthly Pass Fares for CTU AC buses:

Daily Pass for AC bus = Rs. 40.

Monthly Pass for AC bus = Rs. 720.

Earlier the rates of daily and monthly pass for CTU AC bus was Rs 50 and Rs. 1000 respectively.

CTU Bus Fares (wef May 2015)

Source: Indian Express

The new fares have come as a great relief to those who travel by local bus regularly.

However, the fares for Non AC buses (Green coloured ones) have not been changed.

The upcoming season of summers will surely bring more passengers to AC buses and the reduction of fares at this time has come as a good news for Chandigarh citizens.


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