Dera Case Update | Curfew to be Imposed On Internet Services in Chandigarh, Punjab & Haryana

Internet Services including the mobile internet and data services in the regions of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh are going to get a severe hit as an effect of the case Gurmeet Ram Rahim in the region. Curfew has been imposed on internet connectivity in the region as they shall remain shut for next 3 days altogether. With internet services serving as the lifeline for many IT companies and working professionals, the brunt of the Baba Ram Rahim case has finally reached out to fund the losses borne by common people,

Internet Services in Chandigarh, Punjab & Haryana Restricted for 3 Days

Well, thinking of the protests to be peaceful in nature, the common man of cities like Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali and states of Punjab and Haryana suffer the restrictions imposed on internet services by the Government. Making the same shut for a time period of 72 hours, the government is taking stringent steps to avoid any possible mishap that could claim any public or private property harm.

Bearing the loss of internet connectivity in the present era by any individual is like disconnection from updates around the world making him drift to old era times. But, this harsh step taken by the Government if restores the mental peace and harmony amongst individuals, this ban on social media and internet connectivity was the last move the government planned to resort to.

Repercussions & Effects Banning Internet Services inĀ Chandigarh, Punjab & Haryana

Well many would think this as a sudden and abrupt decision taken up by the government to ban internet services in Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana region but in the interest of masses, the step has been taken to serve the society for a greater good. Work services related to internet connectivity including the IT companies whose lifeline is internet connectivity to run the show, many professionals now have to wait for the governments decision to withdraw the curfew imposed on the mobile internet and data services in Chandigarh & tricity region. The ban shall be enforced 5:00 pm onwards for 72 hours commencing from August 24, 2017.

It is for the maintaining the discipline and decorum of the society that such a harsh move by government had to be taken in banning the internet services in states like Punjab & Haryana with Chandigarh serving as their common capital.

Let us hope and pray that peace shall prevail in the minds and lives of common and innocent people again in the current hard times.


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