A Doctor in Chandigarh Commits Suicide by Jumping from 4th Floor

Suicide is the worst thing anyone can think of and we feel sorry to share that in Chandigarh itself, there have been few cases of suicide in recent past. This time the news is about a 31 year old woman who committed suicide by jumping from the 4th floor of her residential building. She was a dentist.

As per the Chandigarh police, the incident took place at around 11 in the morning at Darshan Vihar in Sector 68. Daughter of a retired army personnel, Divya Sood, died on the spot and left no suicide note behind.

Reason for her suicide

She was putting up with her parents on the third floor of the Darshan Vihar residential complex. According to news reports, Divya was married and her divorce case was going on since last three years. She was upset with the failure of her relationship and despite being a qualified dentist was unable to find a job for herself. Hence, due to depression, she took the extreme step of committing suicide.

As per the investigation, the victim first served the breakfast to her father then went to the fourth floor. She jumped from there and died on the spot. The onlookers and neighbours saw her body on the road thinking her to be hit by some vehicle and informed her father.

Further investigation has been initiated to find the facts relating to the incident.

Dealing with depression

  • Suicide is no ‘escape’ from all the negativity and failures.
  • Break up in love relation, failing in examinations, inability to repay loan, drug abuse, domestic violence and other issues doesn’t mean that one should end up their life.
  • Take some professional help from the counsellors.
  • Talk to your parents and close friends about the issues that are bothering you.
  • Practice yoga and meditation.
  • Pursue your dreams and hobbies.
  • Take professional help from your near and dear ones for starting your work.

Learn to stay happy and live your life with a goal, as the process of achieving your goal itself will teach you several aspects of life and you will understand the worth of being alive.

And if you still you feel depressed, get in touch with us. The team at Chandigarh Metro will be there to help you out. Take time to live because the world has so much to give. We can be reached HERE.


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