29 People Booked by Police for Bursting Crackers After 10 PM on Diwali in Chandigarh

Despite the repeated efforts of Chandigarh administration legally formulating all the laws for not burning crackers after the deadline of 10 PM, there are reported cases for the same. This Diwali, 29 cases were recorded for spreading noise pollution and bursting crackers beyond 10 PM. Apart from crackers, loud noise through music and public gatherings was also a problem and police officials on duty were left with no other option other than to book these people for breaking the law.

The Craze Of Diwali in Chandigarh:

Chandigarh as we all know never remains aback when it comes to three things – fun, food and celebrations. Chandigarh’ians do it extraaa in everything. This Diwali it wasn’t any exception in Chandigarh. But, there is a negative setback which follows us everywhere & that is while celebrating, we forget everything or rather its like forgetting everything else is what we call a celebration.

Bursting crakers is one part of celebrations. Like every year, Chandigarh administration had put a ban on bursting crackers after 10 PM so that there is no noise pollution. However, many people were found violating the laws in different sectors and the police officials had to book these people for not obeying the orders while they were still celebrating.

The Penalty & Statistics:

Chandigarh is famous for its discipline so, action was taken this Diwali for those causing indiscipline. The following sectors in Chandigarh saw police cases against people who were involved in busting crackers after 10 PM.

All in all, a total of 29 such reports came across. Let us take a look at the stats;

  • Three cases registered at Sector-3 police station.
  • Two cases registered at Sector-11 police station.
  • Three cases at Sector-17 police station.
  • Three cases at Sector-19 police station.
  • A case each at police stations of Sector-34, 36, 39, Industrial Area-Phase 1 & Maloya.

The maximum punishment being given is in the form of an imprisonment up to six months or a fine of Rs. 1000 or both. The reported cases shall be prosecuted soon for the indiscipline under the laws of Indian Penal Code.

It’s Time To Be Aware:

Chandigarh is always a trend setter for many such kind of examples where discipline comes first. Breaking of laws in the city attracts penalty, even if it happens during the celebrations of a festival. During March 2016, on the eve of Holi something similar happened when Chandigarh Police arrested a bunch of people for creating nuisance in the city.

Image Source: Metro.co.uk

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