Don’t Pack Your Woollens Yet | More Rain & Chilly Winds Expected in Chandigarh

Chandigarh City takes up full advantage of being caressed by the surrounding hill stations. It’s mid march already and city has yet again flummoxed its residents by lowering its temperature. Elated Chandigarhians find it as a blessing to be able to experience those wintery feels during this time of the month. The unexpected rain showers provided relief from the onset of summer feels to the people of Chandigarh.

Packing Your Woolens

The time has finally come when the woollens had gone into hibernation for an entire season but the nature has a different story to tell. So, unpack those woollens again and adorn them when you plan to move out of the house to save yourself from the cool breezes that follow. As per the officials of the Weather Department, these easy breezy days are expected to continue till the weekend. March 18-19 could be bestowed with the God’s grace again to provide relief to Chandigarhians.

Th Summer Feel 

The jive of summers leading to a constant rise in the temperature of the Chandigarh City has been temporarily terminated by the cloudy weather Chandigarh experienced on Thursday morning followed by the uninterupted light rain spell throughout the day. The continuous drizzling lowered the maximum temperature of the City which had engulfed the skies of Chandigarh mid February onwards. Bringing down the temperature by a few notches the maximum temperature that was recorded after the spells was 25.2 degrees which was two degrees below the normal.

Humidity Springs Up !

Though a lot of positivity is observed with sudden spells but the fact that every cloud has a silver lining can not be ignored. The rain brought with itself a great rise in the humidity statistics which ranged from 39% to 71%. The fluctuating humidity levels could be proven from the fact that the night temperature sprang up by 5 degrees as compared to the previous night on Wednesday. The recorded data shows it to be 14.7 degrees and establishes the vascillatory nature of the humidity levels.

If winter comes, can Spring be far behind? So, head out for those lovely evenings yet again to bear witness to the mercy of Rain God this weekend with your loved ones.


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