Getting or Renewing Your Driving Licence in Chandigarh Will Now Cost More

It seems like everything related to driving is getting expensive. Now you will have to more than the double amount of what you used to pay for getting a driving licence. The Chandigarh Administration has increased the rates of getting a driving licence from Rs. 330 to Rs. 750. After the Central Government’s notification, the rates have been increased from March 6.

It seems like people of Chandigarh should start investing in an MTB (Mountain Bike). Riding an MTB would be way cheaper and would also help everyone stay fit.

New DL Rates in Chandigarh

The rates of learner’s licence have been increased 5 times (UNBELIEVABLE) from Rs. 30 to Rs. 150. The driving licence test which was free for the residents would be for Rs. 300 now. If you fail the test and plan to give again, you can re-appear after 15 days and Rs. 300 will be charged again. Earlier, Rs. 330 were charged which included typing fee and other charges. Now, you will have to pay the double amount if you want an international licence as the prices have been increased from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1000.

The renewal fee for a licence will also be doubled from Rs. 250 to Rs. 500.

So, either you will have to renew your driving licence in time or plan investing in an MTB. If you do not renew your driving licence in time you will have to pay Rs. 300 and an additional fine of Rs. 1000 for the delay of each year.

The minimum age to apply for a learner’s licence for a 50 CC motor vehicle, without gears is 16 years and the minimum age to apply for a permanent licence is 18 years. You can get your licence renewed from at the Office of Registering & Licensing Authority (RLA), Sector-17 U.T., Chandigarh.

Positives To Take

Looking at the positive side, it is a good decision by the Administration as everything will be disciplined. The main motive of government is to make things uniform and systematic be it by imposing heavy fines.


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