11 Places to Celebrate Dussehra & Watch Ravan Dahan in Chandigarh

Dussehra as we all know signifies the victory of good over evil. This day also embarks a start of the festive season with a frown of lights and fancy toys going all over the place. Chandigarh is never behind when it comes to celebrating festivals. We have mentioned some places in this post where you can go and experience Dussehra in Chandigarh. People gather in large numbers to watch Ravan, Megnath & Kumkaran effigies being burnt which is also called as ‘ravana dahan’.

All the places in Chandigarh, where Ravana is burnt has a mela with vendors selling Diwali stuff and toys including – teer kaman, Hanuman ji ka Gadda, Whistles, Caps, Masks and what not. Dussehra is celebrated in Chandigarh at over more than 20 places where ravan is burnt. Most of the places are the same where ramrila is enacted during night hours.

Dussehra (Ravan Dahan) in Chandigarh

Although you might even see small ravana effigies in parks, playgrounds being made by children, but here’s a list of some prime places where ravan dahn is celebrated across Chandigarh.

  • Sector 46

This place in Chandigarh is always famous for its tallest sculptures of ravana. According to some sources, a helicopter will be used at Sector 46 Chandigarh to distribute posters with a message for the audience just before buring Ravana. It is also said that drone would be used to capture the video and photographs for 2016 at this location.

  • Sector 17

ravan-sector-17-chandigarhParade ground in Sector 17 is the place where official Ravan dahan takes place. Chandigarh administration officials are present at this venue to celebrate Dussehra. Sector 17 Chandigarh also has one of the tallest Ravan effigies being burnt in the city. Huge crowd gathers at Parade Ground to watch ravan being burnt.

  • Sector 27 

A ground within the market area of Sector 27 is again famous for Ramleela and Dussehra. People from neighbouring sectors gather here to celebrate Dusshera in Chandigarh and watch ravana effigy being burnt.

  • Sector 34

The place always famous for carnivals and circus, can never forget its standards when it comes to celebrating Dusshera. Sector 34 also has a ground named Dusshera ground where the celebrations take place. This is yet another place that witnesses huge crowd.

  • Sector 7

This place is a hub of people arriving to see the Dussehra celebrations from sectors of Chandigarh like sectors 7, 8, 9, 10 and so on. This place is also famous for its exquisite ramleela marking the significance of the occasion. The ground where Ravana is burnt is in the residential area of Sector 7-C at just few steps walk from the market.

  • Sector 24 

It is a common site that one can hear ramleela dialogues and those colorful sculptures being made besides the roads when he/she passes on from the main road of sector 24/23 via sector-16 lights towards sectors-36/37 and vice versa. Ravana statues can be seen being made here few days before Dusshera and the place sees huge crowds during the burning of Ravana effigies.

  • Sector 14, PU 

Panjab University (PU) always being in highlights because of its fun factors and the way it celebrates events, can never stay back when it comes to Dussehra celebrations in Chandigarh. Ravana is burnt at PU every year at the popularly known ‘Cricket ground’, in front of ‘stucee’.

  • Manimajra

chandigarh-dussehraRamrila at Manimajra is a major attraction for many and the burning of Ravana effigies at Dusshera ground in Manimajra sees a large mela with a huge footfall. This completes our list of where to watch Ravan being burnt in Chandigarh or you can say that places where you can witness Dusshera mela in Chandigarh.

  • More Locations include Sector 32, Sector 40, Sector 29.

Dussehra is being celebrated at over 30 different places in Chandigarh where Ravana, Meghnath & Kumbkaran effigies are burnt. Chandigarh Metro team wishes everyone a Happy Dusshera.

Know more places where Dusshera is celebrated in Chandigarh? Please mail us at hello@chandigarhmetro.com and we’ll be glad to add more Dusshera locations in the list. 


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