Here’s What Administration Just Did to Promote Battery Operated Vehicles in Chandigarh

We all know that Chandigarh witnesses traffic jams at peak hours of the day and the increasing number of vehicles are increasing the pollution levels in the city. In order to promote battery operated vehicles in Chandigarh, the administration has come up with a plan where the government has decided to waive off the road tax for all electric (battery operated) vehicles.

The decision for the same has been taken in a high level meeting and the notification is all set to be out in a day. As of now, 3% road tax have been collected from the battery operated vehicles in Chandigarh. Earlier, it was 6% but from last year only it has been reduced to 3% by the administration. And from now onwards it has been waived off completely.

Reason for the waive off:

Looking into the increasing rate of air pollution in the city beautiful Chandigarh that is hampering the beauty of the city, the administration has come up with a solution to promote the use of e-rickshaws in the city. For the same purpose, the administration has waived off the road tax from the battery operated vehicle in the city. This move of the Chandigarh administration will surely maintain the beauty of the beautiful city. 1 year earlier also, the administration has removed the VAT of 12.5% from the same.

Highlights of the decision:

Although till now, there are not many four wheel battery operated vehicle in the city. But slowly the sales will pick up. And the number related to 2 wheeler battery operated vehicle has been increased in the few years.

  • More and more people will opt for battery operated vehicle.
  • Air pollution will be reduced.
  • Encourage eco- friendly mode of transport.
  • Less consumption of petrol and diesel.
  • Promote e-rickshaws in the city.

We hope the decision proves to be good for the city beautiful Chandigarh and people use more and more of e-rickshaws as a mode of transportation in the coming days.

Image: Amar Ujala


Gurjit Kaur

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