Chandigarh to launch e-stamp papers

Chandigarh, the capital city of Punjab as well as Haryana and a would be first smart city of India is all set to add another feature under its cap by introducing e-stamp papers. The project of issuing stamp papers online would be initiated soon and directions have been given to the secretary of IT (SB Deepak Kumar) and the director of IT Chandigarh (Upkar Singh). The announcement was made by the UT advisor, Vijay Kumar Dev.

 Dev told media persons that he was there at Delhi in 2012 when the Delhi government had introduced e-stamp papers. He added that it would be a big step for Chandigarh and would help check fraudulent acticities related to stamp papers.

It has been decided that e-stamp papers of all denominations will be available online. Physical stamp papers will also be available to residents until a complete switch over is made. The plan also includes tie-ups the court where the court fee can be deposited through e-stamp papers.

What is an e-stamp paper?

An e-stamp certificate

An e-stamp paper is basically an online certificate through which the fee can be paid to the government in lie of purchasing a physical stamp paper. The e-stamp certificate generated through computer will carry a unique code and a unique identification number which can be easily tracked.

Introduction of e-stamp certificates will save the Chandigarh Administration a lot of money which it puts into printing and transportation. The physical stamp papers are printed in Nasik so it will also save the transportation cost. Apart from this, e-stamp papers are temper proof and an online record of all transactions will make this system fool proof.


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