Earthly Creation to Present their Feng Shui Collection at Vanity Fair 2017 (Chandigarh)

In our modern fast paced stressed existence, experiencing serenity and relaxation are our cherished dreams. We all long for ushering abundance, stealing moments of completeness and fullness, they are our dreams of today, that each of us cherish very intensely, consequently they are very close to our hearts. To experience them we steal moments by creating time spaces of sharing with nature- plants, flora, fauna- dissolving in its mesmerizing textures, richness of colours, and its varied shapes. Our aim is to find ourselves in ourselves – get back to the nature – our roots by creating a meaningful synergy with our life and being.

Feng Shui a traditional Chinese Philosophy aims to harmonize each of us with our surroundings- inculcating in us a feeling of immersion, fullness and completeness.

Feng Shui is a manner of arranging and decorating your home/ office to usher in a positive flow of universal energy. Frogs, Turtles, Roosters, Birds, Butterflies being some of its key elements.

Plants are an extremely important Feng Shui tool to help activate positive energy in your spaces -while also purifying the air. Incidentally, Earthly Creations has combined both to add incredible value.

Frogs play a prominent role as they symbolize wealth and posterity and when used in your home or business they bring money and good fortune in.

Check out for frogs from Earthly Creations- that are both as planters and garden decor. Frogs in shapes, sizes and colours that you have only dreamt about are now a reality, and all of them are smiling.  Being a strong, natural positive element, these smiling frogs are a great option for your gardens and balconies. You could also develop a theme- based garden for your space and open doors to welcome good luck to your place.

Over a hundred exquisite creations in varied animal and bird shaped pots, Table Tops, Garden statues and pathways are showcased for discerning appreciators like you at the Earthly Creation stall at the Flowers and More Vanity Fair. Unique feature being that all these creations would bring smile to your faces- a thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Earthly Creations vision is to induce all of us to get back to nature- Love an animal. Gift a plant. Now and Always.

Each Creation has a unique blend of Aesthetics, Functionality and Value. Mediums used are Terracotta and Resin at prices that are extremely light – starting from Rs 250 onwards.

So come along and get yourself treated to an incredible experience of unique collections by Earthly Creations at the Vanity Fair’ 2017.

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Ajay Deep

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