Everyone Is Talking About TiECON Chandigarh. What Is It After All?

TiE is a global community working to bring together entrepreneurs both veteran and aspiring and encouraging startups and setting in motion many other innovations that have the potential to change our lives. After the huge success of the various events it had lined up in 2018, TiE strives to bring another wave of innovation in 2019.

TiECON Chandigarh 2019 is the name of the event that the TiE community is going to come up with.

The aim here is to create an energizing entrepreneurial environment where the air will be full of optimism. This place is going to be ideal for startup founders and veteran business heads alike. The TiE is committed to providing a source of inspiration for many and everyone participating in their event is bound to feel elated. TiE is all about building a future that can sustain us. It is all about turning our dreams into reality. These dreams come under one roof from the far off corners of the country and merge into an energy that is as diverse as it is unified and as innovative as it is dynamic.

Being Associated With TIE

By being associated with TiE you get an opportunity to connect with the largest network of entrepreneurs and the brightest minds in business under various domains and expertise. The fact that TiE is counted as one of the largest entrepreneurship organizations in the world is not hidden from anyone and this vast global network of entrepreneurs, business and thought leaders and serial entrepreneurs, and mentors has more than 12,000 members and charter members.

When You Seek Mentors, You Seek TiE

When minds meet, students find their mentors and it all happens at the TiE event which is the TiECON Chandigarh. This is the place where aspirations and ambitions get their first ever push from the cliff of dreams into the skies of reality. We make it easier for you to find finances and funding for your new projects. One can connect to a large number of serial entrepreneurs and venture capitalists through the TiE network.

It Is The Heart Of Networking

This is the right spot to begin networking and building connections. TiE gives you the opportunity to meet like minded people and learn from individuals who have been there and seen it all and can guide you right for what you are about to embark upon. You can adopt their valuable advice in your life and make your tomorrow better in more than one ways.

The TiE network is vast and Chandigarh was one of the most successful initiatives it ever undertook and this is why the community wishes to repeat history this year.

TiE is known for accomplishing what seemed to be impossible for others and in the past 14 years we have seen a lot that was the doing of this very community. We felt the need for a positive and productive ecosystem for entrepreneurs and investors and TiE did it with their conviction and dedication. Their belief in the youth of this country and their talent is quite palpable and their faith in their skill is as stubborn as a mountain which is exactly what we need right now if we want to empower our youth and change lives.

TiE Chandigarh has a strong mentor support base. The various events they come up with throughout the year are able to cover various different aspects of business, marketing, innovative entrepreneurship, and much more. They even present multiple opportunities to our young sharp minds to showcase their talent and benefit from the huge network of corporate czars and influential individuals who are themselves a school in their own right. Their experience is what is going to show our young minds their path and TiE builds on just that. TiE Chandigarh has more than 250 experienced entrepreneurs and business executives. They all are its Charter Members among aspiring entrepreneurs and various professionals. Creation of wealth through entrepreneurship has been the primary focus of TiE and it continues to follow that path by leading, inspiring and educating budding entrepreneurs via regular workshops and meetings intended to enable them to become a part of an expanding and prolific network.

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