This Father in Extra Marital Affair Got His Daughter and Sons Killed in Panchkula | Here’s The Shocking Story

Can a father kill his three children? Well, this father did! Bodies of three kids in the Morni forest area of Panchkula in Haryana has sent shock waved across Tricity as well as the state.

In a triple murder case, father of three kids allegedly got his three children shot in Panchkula. It has been reported that the uncle of the three kids shot them dead at point-blank range in the Morni forest area of Panchkula. The police have stated that the accused killed his niece and two nephews and dumped their bodies in Morni forest on the behest of their father.

These kids were brutally murdered

It has been reported that both the accused uncle and father hail from Sarsa village in Pehowa block in Kurukshetra. The deceased three children have been identified as 11-year old Sameer, 8-year old Simran, Samar, a 3-year old toddler. Bodies of the three children were found almost 48 hours after they were found missing from their home.

Both the accused uncle and father of the children have been arrested. The police have registered a case against the two accused Sonu and Jagdeep. The accused uncle has been identified as 26-year old Jagdeep Malik, and the father of the children has been identified as Sonu Malik. Both the accused have been booked by the Police under Section 302 of the IPC. The accused uncle Jagdeep confessed to the crime and also named the father of the children during the police investigation.

The alleged reason behind the heinous triple murder case

According to the report, the police have not exposed the intention behind the triple murder case but the accused father’s father has mentioned that his son Sonu Malik, father of the deceased children had an extramarital affair. He has also mentioned that this is the sole reason that led to the murder of the three innocent lives.

Though the Police have not made any official statement regarding the reason behind the triple murder case, yet the grandfather of the three children told that his son, Sonu Malik, had an extramarital affair with a woman who hails from Himachal Pradesh and that their extra-marital affair is the sole reason behind the murder as his son wanted to marry that woman.

This is how the three kids met their heartrending end

As per the report, the accused Jagdeep told the Police that he lured the three children and asked them to accompany him to Gita Jayanti Mahotsav in Kurukshetra. In spite of taking the kids to the event, he drove the car all the way to Morni in Panchkula which is approximately 110 kilometre from Sarsa village in Pehowa.

He shot the three kids with a country-made pistol and dumped their bodies in the Morni forest area in Panchkula. The Police have not recovered the murder weapon yet. The Police have recovered the bodies of the three children from different locations in the Morni forest.

Source: Hindustan Times

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