Four Lane Project of Chandigarh-Bathinda Highway to Conclude Soon

Bathinda-Chandigarh Highway Project that started in January 2015 is nearing completion. If you have ever got a chance to go to Patiala and beyond from Chandigarh, Zirakpur, Banur side, you might have seen the widening work that is in progress. This project is to create a 4 lane expressway between Chandigarh and Bathinda with a number of flyovers.

The foundation stone for the project was laid by Mr. Badal and Union Cabinet Minister Nitin Gadhkari. It is believed that the work on the Bathinda-Chandigarh highway is likely to be completed by July 2017.

Highlights of Chandigarh-Bathinda Highway Project

90% of the Work under PWD (Bathinda Zone) has been completed. Rest of it is believed to get completed by the end of July.

Work has been taken by PWD in five phases at a cost of Rs 2,500 crore.

41km road from Bathinda to Tapa has been already completed.

Under this project, Patiala by-pass 4 lane is to come up at a cost of Rs.279 crore, Patiala to Sangrur four lane at Rs.486 crore, Sangrur to Dhanaula by-pass at Rs.319 crore, Sangrur to Tapa 483 crore and Tapa to Bathinda four lane at Rs. 620 crore.

Flyovers and their reach

  • Department has to lay 8 flyovers at 41km stretch in Bathinda.
  • The first flyover is to come up at Rose Garden Chowk.
  • Second flyover is to come up at Bibiwala Chowk.
  • 3 flyovers to come up at the Army area
  • 2 Flyovers at Bhucho Chowk
  • 1 flyover to come up at Rampura Chowk.
  • Apart from these, many flyovers have already come up on the highway at different towns.
  • One flyover is coming up at Gian Sagar Hospital.
  • Another flyover is coming up at Chitkara University.

One under-bridge is being built in the Bathinda Army area which will only be used by the Army officials.

Toll Tax on road

Toll tax has already come up and will be functional soon. One toll tax is coming up near Bhawanigarh and another has to come up near lahragaga. The land near Lehrabega Village has not been acquired for the toll plaza to be set there due to which there can be a delay in the work.

Chandigarh-Bathinda Highway work

A PWD official said that the work on the Bathinda-Chandigarh 4-lane project is going on a fast pace and is likely to get completed at the end of July. Nearly 90% work of laying 41km road from Bathinda to Tapa has already been completed and just 10% of the remaining work is expected to be completed soon. Adding on to it he said that a service lane had also been constructed to facilitate the public. The PWD Department has set July 28 2017, as the deadline of completion of this project.

Image: The Tribune


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