Chandigarh, You Need to Check Out These Unique (Freshistry) Cosmetic Products & We Bet You’ll Love Them!

Everyone wants to look their best and you’ll agree to the fact that one thing that helps us to enhance our beauty is cosmetics. Choosing a good cosmetic product is nothing less than a war to be won. Everyone has a different skin and not all products suit a particular skin type.

Well, we are lucky enough to have Freshistry by our side. Freshistry is an amazing startup based out of Chandigarh that has developed some excellent cosmetic products for our generation. The best thing about these products is that you can customize your product according to your skin type and choose from a variety of herbs as per your skin and hair goals.

You can also select the fragrance! We must say they have an amazing range of fragrances to offer. And above all, you can also choose the colour of your product. What’s more cool is that you can brand the product under your name. Yes, you can label the product with catchy captions or even your name!

Let’s have a look at some of Freshistry products that are making Chandigarh girls go crazy.

Freshistry Products

From face cleansers to creams and from hair cleansers to lotions, Freshistry has got it all.


No matter your skin type – oily, dry or normal, Freshistry has special organic creams for your skin type. Their body-whip base in creams is a new concept which is a perfect combination of cream and gel – cream moisturizes the skin and gel hydrates it.

Price Range: Rs. 345-395.

Link: Freshistry Customized Creams

Hair Cleanser

Freshistry hair cleansers are known for excellent hair. You can choose a hair cleanser according to the base that you want.

Gel Base – It will give you amazing lather and bounce to your hair.

Cream Base – It treats your scalp well and controls frizz.

Price Range: Rs. 375-425.

Link: Fresh Customized Hair Cleansers

Freshistry Lotion

Like other Freshistry products, Freshistry lotion also comes in 3 different forms and you choose one according to your preference.

Sunscreen: Perfect base to protect your skin in summers.

Moisturizer: Leaves your skin lustrous and smooth.

Body butter: Gives a velvety fresh feeling.

Price Range: Rs. 375-425.

Link: Fresh Customized Lotions

Face Cleanser

Apart from the gel base, Freshistry organic face cleanser also comes in a base with exfoliant for a perfect face wash. It has the ability to fight all impurities and give your skin a fresh glow.

Price Range: Rs. 345-395.

Link: Fresh Customized Face Cleansers

What’s different about Freshistry?

All Freshistry products are paraben free, totally fresh and are made from herbs.

You’ve got to change the way you have been buying products, because #FreshIsBest!

What’s new? – The Fresh Potion

Freshistry also has an amazing “Fresh Potion” to offer. This is the purest form of herb extract that is totally optional and is prepared for the second herb that you select for the product at just an extra cost of Rs. 50 only! It has a shelf life of 45 days.
It can be consumed by adding 2-3 drops whenever you apply your product and comes with a dropper inserted so you don’t have to worry about usage hassles!

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