Here’s How to Affordably Get The Gothic – Emo Look in Chandigarh

The patolas and gabrus of Chandigarh are the most fashionable enthusiasts on the planet that they are often called the trendsetters or head turners. Be it modern, traditional, office going or sporty, the Chandigarhians have tried their hands on every type of looks and can carry them with great élan.

Remember, The Addams Family, an American fictional cartoon and television series that had unusual zombie-like characters and made everyone drool on a glimpse of intense and vehement Morticia? Even the coy teenage Bella Swan could not resist to fall in for the gothically cold looking Edward Cullen, in the Twilight saga fictional romantic series for his bewitched gaze.

From Hollywood’s Angelina Jolie to Bollywood’s Aishwarya Rai, everyone has tried the gothic look at some point of their life or the other to look super sexy and enchanting. Needless to say, this look emo look is so fascinating and spellbinding that no one can just away from you without taking a single glance at you.

Looking out for new fashion trends, we provide the youth of Chandigarh a complete guide to get a gothic- emo look without even going gaga over spending a lot of money to look like one. Read our 5 simple ways that can turn you beautiful on the darker side.

Color black is the mantra

Shun down the colorful, whites, floral and animal prints from your wardrobe. Add more black TSirts, black crop tops, black leather jackets, black ripped and stone washed jeans and black hoodies to reflect the darker mood of fashion in your style. Even you can go for Dark colored polo shirts and tops that glows in the dark as it cools super cool and swanky and is perfect to get the gothic look. No need to go for branded clothing to look like a zombie or rather you can pick some reasonable stuff from Shashtri Market sector-22, Patel Market in sector 15 and Palika Market in sector 19.

Tattoos and piercing

Needless to say, tattoos and body piercing looks so hot and at the same time transfixing that it literally draws attention of the people towards the person who is carrying it. Just like MTV famed Bani J….Geometrical, tribal, scriptures are some of the types of tattoo designs that are often  donned by the gothic- emo style lovers. Also the piercing on bodies is another add on to get the perfect maniac appearance. Those who have fear of needles can go for perky clip on earrings and studs that can be worn without piercing while wear on tattoo sleeves and skin covers can be purchased for approximately Rs 200 for a pair for flaunting.

Dark kohled eyes

Forget the innocent doe- eyed look. Go for heavy kohled eyes with dark eye shadows in the hues of black, grey, blues or purple and heavy mascara. Just like Evanescence rock band lead singer Amy Lee. And I am sure kohl mascara won’t cost you much as every girl keeps these beauty tools handy all the time. Also, you can apply some maroon, beetroot red, chololate brown and caramel colored lipstick to perfect the gothic impression. Even guys can try kohl for the junky punk look.

Whacky haircolors

No one can beat the pop icon Lady Gaga in donning whacky make up and hailcolor everytime she makes a public appearance. Her hair in green, crimson, burnt orange, purple and pink are just the best suited examples to try on that will make you look gothic and aficionado totally. You can save the huge expenses on getting your hair coloured from a salon by DIY at home. Get any ammonia free hail color and follow the steps written on it while applying. Refer easy tutorials are available of youtube.    

Chunky accessories

Black nail paints, leather wrist bands, skull shaped metal finger rings, neck pieces and chains with a cross / eagle/ owl on it is like icing on the cake to achieve the absolute hypnotising gothic look. You can pick them from any roadside jewellery vendor mainly sitting in Sector 17, Sukhna Lake, all major Rehri markets of Chandigarh on the dearth cheap prices.

So, all the gals and boyz in Chandigarh, get the real punk look by following these easy and affordable steps and flaunt your very own gothic- emo look with elegance.


Yamini S. Verma

A dreamer and a go-getter, this is how she defines herself. With seven- plus years of experience in Journalism, Yamini has worked with various publications in print and online. With an inclination towards photography, she dreams to go on around the world tour someday and capture the beauty of nature through her lens. You can write to her at
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