French Firm’s Report – Here’s Why Chandigarh Loves Wasting Water | Rs 15-cr Loss to Municipal Corporation Annually

A report by one of the French Firms has mentioned that about 25 per cent water is wasted in underground leakage in the city beautiful Chandigarh. The report further mentions that the leakage costs the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh a loss of Rs 15-cr annually. The amount of water that is wasted due to underwater water leakage can fulfill the daily needs of more than 50,000 households.

This is what the French Firm found out 

Egis International, a French firm hired by the UT (Chandigarh) administration to implement the smart city project has submitted its report to the UT administration. As per the findings of a report, the French firm had mentioned that the underground water leakage is costing Chandigarh around 25 per cent of its water supply. The mentioned 25 per cent turn out to be around 20 million gallon daily (MGD) of water. As per the report, 20 MGD water can easily fulfill the requirements of 50,000 families. Furthermore, the 20 MGD water wastage, the Municipal Corporation is incurring a loss of Rs 15 crore annual for more than a decade. Despite the 2012 recommendations for the improvement of the system, the civic body is incurring the loss for past 15 years.

Here’s what water economics of Chandigarh say

Water economics of Chandigarh is also measured on the Economics parameters – Supply and Demand. While the supply is less, the demand for drinking water is ever-burgeoning. As per the report, the water demand in Chandigarh is about 116 million gallon daily (MGD) out of which only 87 MGD is supplied. The major barrier in supplying sufficient water to all the household is the underground leakage that counts to about 20 MGD.

Aim to supply water 24×7, a challenging task

Offering 24X7 water supply is one of the components of smart city. According to the report submitted by the French firm affirms that 24X7 water supply is only possible if Chandigarh gets an additional water supply of 40 MGD. The civic body has claimed that city will be able to get the additional water supply under Phases 5 and 6 of the Kajauli waterworks which is likely to become operational in April, 2018.

It has been mentioned in the report, that the French firm will initiate 24X7 water supply in Manimajra as a pilot project. The pilot project will be followed by other sectors under area-based development (ABD). As per the report, the pilot project in Manimjara will be followed by sector 16, 17, 19, 22, 35 and 43. Gradually the entire city will be covered under the plan.

Source: Hindustan Times


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