Hiked Parking Fee in Chandigarh may Get Cancelled | Here’s how it May Happen

Chandigarh Parking lots may Charge Less Fee

The increased parking fee of the parking lots in Chandigarh has irked the residents in the city as well as the traders. It the second parking fee hike in the city in the over the period of last six months and the move has certainly put the burden on the resident’s pockets.

The parking fee in Chandigarh at the beginning of last year was Rs 5, which got doubled in the month of March. As per the report, Parking fee across all the parking lots in Chandigarh was doubled to Rs 10 per entry (an entry is for four hours) from Rs 5 per entry for a car and in case of two-wheelers, the rates were increased to Rs 5 per entry from the existing Rs 2 per entry.

The Increased price rate of Parking lots in Chandigarh

According to the report, the parking rates have been doubled in all the parking lots in Chandigarh. As per the report, the new rates will be Rs 20 and Rs 10 for a car owner and a two-wheeler owner respectively. While the car owner will pay Rs 20 for the first four hours the two-wheeler owner will also pay Rs 10 for the same period. The owners will have to pay an additional fee for every consecutive hour. In this case, the rates are doubled every two hours.

Municipal Corporation Councillors express their anger over the fee hike

Most of the councillors, Municipal Corporation Chandigarh, have already expressed their resentment over the parking fee hike during the house meeting last month. These councillors include both the political party councillors, as well as, nominated councillors. The move to increase the parking fee in Chandigarh was termed as unjustified by the councillors. Despite the protest, orders were issued by the joint municipal Commissioner for increasing the charges.

This is how the hiked parking Fee in Chandigarh may get cancelled 

Mayor, Municipal Corporation Chandigarh, has stated that there are several reasons that do not justify the price hike. According to him, the third instalment of the dues was paid late by the contractor,  the fourth instalment has missed its deadline, the condition in the paid parking lots is pathetic and increase commuters’ suffering. As per the report, the Mayor has stated that with all the existing anomalies how can the enhancement of parking charges be justified?

With this question being raised in the next house meeting there is a hope for the rollback of the hiked parking fee in Chandigarh. Let’s hope for better parking facilities at economical prices in Chandigarh.

Source: Times of India


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