Chandigarh Records Hottest March Day Since 7 Years

The Heat Is Back!

During the early days of March 2017, it seemed like the month of March would the extended winters month. But the tables have turned as Monday i.e 27th March 2017 was recorded as the hottest day of March day in past 7 years. As per the weather department, Monday was the hottest day of March since 2010 and also the third hottest day since 1999.

The Hottest Day (March) Chandigarh

27th March 2017, Monday recorded the hottest day in Chandigarh. The temperature on Monday 36.1 degree Celsius at the Chandigarh airport and the city temperature was 35 degrees in the city. The temperature during the day was also three degrees more as compared to the temperature on Sunday.

March 2010 was recorded as the hottest temperature in March at 38.2 degree Celsius. In 1999, Chandigarh recorded the second hottest in March 36.6 degree Celsius. Also in 2016 and 2015, Chandigarh recorded the third hottest temperature in March at 33 degrees Celcius. These are some of the weather reports which you might also have felt on Sunday and Monday:

  • The minimum temperature in Chandigarh was 19.8-degree Celsius, 4 degrees above the normal temperature.
  •  On Sunday Night, the temperature in Chandigarh increased by 2-degree celsius as compared to the previous night.
  • The temperature at the Chandigarh airport was recorded 21.2-degree celsius, 5 degrees above the normal temperature.
  • The humidity level also increased from 30% to 62%.

Get Ready For A Deadly Summer

Chandigarh people, it’s time to take out your Sunscreens and Facepacks

As per the director of Chandigarh meteorological department, the temperature in the coming days will be going up by nearly 2-3 degrees. He also said that 2017 is going to be hotter than 2016.

Though it is expected that the first week of April won’t be that hot. The temperature is expected to go down as there is a possibility of snowfall on higher reaches. There is also a possibility of light rain in the Northern Punjab.

The weather department has predicted that the sky will be clear with a maximum temperature of 35 degrees celsius.

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