A sneek peek inside Infosys Office, Chandigarh Campus

Infosys Chandigarh has an eye catching office campus situated at IT Park. Although, all Infosys office buildings across the globe are known for their architect, Infosys Chandigarh is a special one. The entire front portion of the building is made with glass and gives an awesome reflection on the road in front of the office campus.

It is obvious that you might have seen the Infosys campus building on your visit to the IT park area and many of you might also have tried to look on the other side of the wall. One way to look inside is from the DT Mall but the view does not reveal much about what’s inside. Here are few pics of the Infosys office at Chandigarh for you to know how beautiful the campus is on the other side of the main wall.

There’s a football ground, basketball court and badminton court within the office campus.


A special night view of the Infosys Campus at IT Park, Chandigarh. The reflection comes from the swimming pool which has ultra clear water.


The third view is of sunset from the inside of the glass building.


Here’ another view of the swimming pool with greenery and walking path.


If you thought that the entire building is made of glass, then you were wrong. This building is on the entrance side of Infosys Chandigarh campus.


Infosys office campus at IT Park Chandigarh is bigger than it appears. If you are unable to make out where the swimming pool, sports grounds and other areas are, then this aerial view will give you an exact idea.


The aerial view of Infosys Chandigarh shows DT Mall and DLF building on the left hand side and the entire Infosys campus from the top. Lush green lawns, swimming pool, entrance, main building and other areas are clearly visible. There is still scope of more construction as the campus has a large area of empty land within its boundary.

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